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*Facts and figures based on January 2021 data

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We envision a better world, where everyone is well taken care of and poverty is a thing of the past. This may seem far fetched, but that’s how we want it to be. And, that is the goal we are moving towards… one step at a time.
We have started with providing the most vulnerable peoples with the basic needs: food, water, clothing, and medical facilities.

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Millions of people are suffering.
We strive to impact lives with relief.

How we do it

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About Us

Ek Plate Biryani is a registered Not-For-Profit Organization based in Canada and operating in Pakistan, Uganda, India, Philippines, and Bangladesh.
We started out in 2019 and are growing every day.
Our team and supporters have only one goal: to eradicate poverty and empower the vulnerable.

Our Work

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Food Drives in Slums

Our team regularly visits vulnerable communities to provide them with ready-to-eat meals or monthly groceries, as needed. Some of these individuals had been earning less than $2/day* before Covid19. The pandemic has worsened the conditions for these groups. So far, we have provided food to more than 400,000 people. And, the number keeps getting bigger every day.

Responsive to Emergencies

We respond to emergencies and natural catastrophes to provide relief to the affected individuals. Whether it was an airplane crash in a residential colony (Pakistan), urban flood, or a typhoon ruining houses (Philippines), our team was there to help them.

CKD Treatment with Dialysis Machine

Chronic Kidney Disease is prevalent in 14% of the world’s population*. Its treatment, other than kidney transplantation is dialysis. In third world countries, few public hospitals have dialysis facilities. We have donated a dialysis machine to SIUT, Pakistan, so that they can treat those patients for free. The machine can perform dialysis efficiently thousands of times.


Support for Street Schools

We have undertaken few schools in Sindh, Pakistan, where the education was already free for underprivileged students but due to low funds, they lacked even the most basic facilities. We provided them with all that they needed to function, such as books, teaching supplies, and sanitation.


Hand Pumps in Water-Deprived Areas

Rohingya (Bangladesh) and Thar (Pakistan) are so severely water-deprived that they do not have ready access to even clean drinking water. So far, we have installed 22 hand pumps on various locations in both the districts. The project is still underway and we intend to install many more of such hand pumps.


Warm Clothing to Fight Cold

Transgenders are considered pariahs in Pakistan. Their isolated community suffers greatly and most of them live below the poverty line. To help ease their misery during cold weather this year, our team provided them with warm blankets.
We also provided jackets and blankets to people living in slums.

Let's Celebrate Health And Happiness

Poverty is the biggest obstacle to these. Let’s get rid of poverty and help everyone join in the celebration for the beauty of life

Together we've impacted over a million vulnerable lives. And our tussle against poverty continues.

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