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Our Mission

Thousands Are Hungry Right Now

There are over 21 Million people in Pakistan that do not have enough to eat. They are Starving!

Many donations are sent, but we realized that it was being stolen due to corruption.

So we created a system that provides direct food to those in need.

Now you can simply buy a starving person in need a Plate Of Biryani and some Groceries right from where you are.

You buy, and it's made and is delivered to Orphanages, Disabled Children, Schools in Slums, Food shelters and those in need.

How It Works

Step 1.

We receive your donation.

Step 2.

Team gets Biryani/Food sourced.
Each Degh (Pot) Feeds 70-100 people.

Step 3.

Delivery is made to the Needy.
Orphanages, Schools in Slums and Food shelters.

Step 4.

We document with photos that Food was received.



What we are striving to provide.

These are the key benefits of donating with EkPlateBiryani.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who handles the operations in Pakistan?

We have hired Operations Managers on the ground that we hold a very high standard to.

How do I know my money will reach the Needy?

We document each Delivery with Photo and Video and post our Success Stories and on Instagram. You can also message us anytime and ask for an explanation.

What if the food goes bad?

Because we delivery immediately and it is consumed right away, there is minimum chance of food going bad.

What if there is a surplus?

We know there may be too much biryani for any one institution. So we balance requirements. For any other surplus, we distribute it as Raashan (groceries) so they can make it themselves.

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