About Us

Lending Support & Comfort
To Those In Need

Ek Plate Biryani is a registered nonprofit organization*,
dedicated to bringing food, water, and other necessities to the
disadvantaged people of the world.

The Ordinary People Behind Ek Plate Biryani

We are no superheroes.
We are a team of ordinary people on a mission to change the
world for the less fortunate ones – one person at a time.

How We Started

Ek Plate Biryani was started with literally one plate of biryani.
The goal was simple: to help everyone in need.

With your help, we grew and expanded the scope of our work. From cooked meals to food rations and school lunches, and then on towards lasting clean water solutions and sustainable income projects.

We have many other strong, more impactful projects in the pipeline.

*We are registered in Canada as a federal nonprofit corporation.

Some Of Our Champion Supporters

What We Achieved

Ek Plate Biryani is an organization aspiring to change the world
– one person at a time. We work every day to make a difference
in someone’s life.


Join Our Movement To Help
The Less Fortunate!