Benefits of water hand pumps in Thar

The issue of unsafe drinking water is as old as Pakistan itself. Despite the media reports from over 70 years, thousands of children continue to die from consuming polluted water in the Thar desert of Pakistan. Yes, it is true! The children of Thar are living under one of the worst cases of water scarcity that is costing them their lives.

The primary reason why people are unable to access water is due to the shortage of water hand pumps. There are many benefits of water hand pumps in Thar. However, unfortunately, most of the water hand pumps have been inoperable for the last few years. Imagine living for years without a basic necessity for life!

With that being said, there is luckily a solution to this problem. You can help put an end to the distress of Tharis by supporting NGOs that work for the welfare of people, specifically the ones working on water charity projects. Read more to find out about the benefits of deep-well water hand pumps in Thar but more importantly, donate your funds to Thar Donation founded by Ekplatebiryani.

What are the benefits of water hand pumps in Thar?

Water hand pumps are the most convenient medium through which people can avail of groundwater resources; thus, Tharis depend upon them for their domestic needs of water which include drinking, washing, and cooking.

Sadly, many of the wells in Thar are damaged or dried, which is causing problems for people as there is no other alternative to get clean water than the well\’s hand pumps. Children are especially at risk. The number of cases where children have died due to contaminated water present in the wells is rising.

So the answer to our main question of finding a solution– is installing newer and more abundant water hand pumps. There are numerous benefits of water hand pumps in Thar that include:
Water hand pumps are beneficial because they can help increase the amount of water available to people in Thar. It is through water hand pumps that people can access groundwater to survive!

  • Water hand pumps provide clean drinking water. This is important because it can help improve the quality of life for the people in Thar.
  • They help reduce the number of people who depend on surface water sources to survive, presently a majority of the Tharis make use of surface water supplies that are dirty.
  • There is less risk of diseases, such as cholera or typhoid fever, spreading through their communities which means a reduction in the number of deaths– especially concerning children.
  • New water hand pumps also provide employment opportunities to the local people who are dependent on agriculture hence helping Tharis earn a living!
  • A source of hope! Tharis have been consuming brackish water for years due to the lack of development and negligence. However, the installation of new water hand pumps can change that. People take wells as a symbol of pride, indeed water hand pumps will benefit Thar as they are a ray of hope!

How EkPlateBiryani help to install several water hand pumps in Thar?

To solve this water crisis, several NGOs have been working in Thar for the last two decades to install water hand pumps. The NGOs are providing water to the people of Thar and also taking care of their needs. Their work is very important as they help to build up the economy of the area and also provide education and medical facilities to villagers.

Ek Plate Biryani is one such non-profit organization working tirelessly in Thar, Pakistan, and Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (for the Rohingya refugees), to help the less fortunate citizens meet their needs.

In May 2019, Ek Plate Biryani was founded to help underprivileged communities. We started working to provide water in January 2021, and have installed 220 hand pumps across Thar and 25 hand pumps across Cox’s Bazar. Currently, our particular focus is on areas with little to no access to water.

Water charity is a highly commendable deed that brings immense awards, and Ek Plate Biryani has been on the frontline of clean water charity. Our main project in Thar is installing deep well hand pumps to help overcome poverty and simply to provide water to the deprived ones.

Donate now to Ekplate Biryani and change the fates of thousands of innocent children.


Is there water in Thar?

Thar desert in Pakistan does not have water consistently available due to scanty rainfall. The terrain of the Thar desert is sandy and therefore unsuitable for any form of water retention or accumulation. Despite the availability of some groundwater resources, water can still not be utilized due to being contaminated by microbes.

How is water being supplied in Thar household?

Water is collected from conventional water wells, hand pumps, and purchased from tanker trucks.
Tharis also get some water from a canal that runs through the desert. The canal was built in the 1800s and was primarily used to transport water to the town; however, it is now full of debris that has made it difficult for the people to access proper, clean water.

Why is Thar desert water-thirsty?

Based on yearly records, Thar receives significantly less and very scanty rainfall, around 21 mm of annual rainfall. There is also little potential for water storage or development in this arid area. The soil is dry and lacks any potential for water retention. Moreover, there is a lack of vegetation. As a result, the Thar desert is water-thirsty.


Water, as we all know, is essential to life, therefore the provision of clean water in underdeveloped regions such as Thar is needed to save the lives of thousands of children who die of diseases caused by contaminated water.

Presently, there are over a million people in Thar who need immediate help right now before they lose their lives. Every minute when we neglect this issue, a child falls sick and his mother fears the worst.

Donate to reliable organizations working specifically on water charity projects, such as Ek Plate Biryani, since this is the best you can do for human welfare.

(For your assurance and satisfaction that your donation reaches the right place, Ek Plate Biryani shares detailed pictures and videos of your hand pumps with your or your loved ones’ names via email.)


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