5 Fundamental Causes of Poverty


Just imagine, that you are going home with a heavy heart because you were unable to buy necessary medicines for your old mother, or maybe you are going empty-handed to your home and your family will sleep hungry tonight. We know very well, just imagining this kind of a bizarre scenario must have sent shivers down your spine. But do you know? For millions of people around the world this is the reality.
Today we will be unearthing the causes of poverty along with learning various ways in which we can play our part in stopping it! But first let’s start with understanding the term poverty.

What is Poverty?

You must have heard about poverty and its adverse effects a billion times. However, do you actually understand this complex term, and what are the causes of poverty? As a matter of fact, poverty is an umbrella term for a lack of any kind of necessity. Be it education, food, water, or shelter any individual having to go through tough times due to scarcity is facing poverty.
This is why the complexity of the term poverty makes it difficult to establish its direct meaning. To make it simple for you just understand that any individual or family facing scarcity in any kind of necessity is said to be living below the line of poverty.

What Are The Causes of Poverty?

There are multiple causes of poverty that can easily be categorised under cultural and conflict causes. We will be briefly discussing a few reasons for poverty along with factors that contribute to poverty.

1. Lack of Access to Clean Water

At this point, over 2 billion people globally have no access to clean drinking water. Can you imagine, such a huge number of people are currently living without their basic right of access to clean water. Now you might be wondering why are we studying lack of water as a cause of poverty instead of studying it under the effects of poverty?
Let us tell you in reality, the lack of clean water is indirectly causing poverty and it is preventing families and individuals from escaping endless poverty. You can understand this by a simple scenario; In case a person isn’t getting enough clean water in order to keep themselves hydrated, how in the world will they gather enough strength to work for the betterment of their financial situation?
Obviously, they will always fall behind in every field of life resulting in a never-ending spiral of poverty. This is why the primary goal of Ekplatebiryani is providing as many families as possible with clean water. Ekplatebiryani has been successful in providing hundreds of helpless families in Thar and Rohingya with clean water for their ease.

2. Scarcity of Food

Likewise, the lack of water, severe lack of food is one cause that indirectly contributes to poverty. One can not make use of their potential until and unless they are well fed hence, scarcity of food renders struggling people helpless and powerless. Due to this, they are caught in a never-ending cycle of poverty and can never imagine escaping it.
Currently, 800 million all over the world suffer from hunger due to a severe shortage of food sources. Now you can easily imagine how these 800 million people are never able to provide for themselves simply because they lack the energy to do so. These people are helpless and they can never find a way out, resultantly they continue falling below the line of poverty.
Ekplatebiryani realises this alarming problem and carries out projects which work to provide underprivileged people with food. To date, Ekplatebiryani has successfully provided over 70,000+ people with food.

3. No Source of Income and Jobs

As it is already obvious no source of income equals no money, which causes poverty. However, here we need to understand that not everyone in the world has the same privileges and circumstances. Some conflict-ridden regions of the world have struggling economies and financial conditions.
This is why people from those areas can never help themselves as they have little to zero opportunities.

4. Substandard and Unequal Education Opportunities

Substandard and poor education systems are another reason for poverty globally. Struggling families are unable to provide their children with quality education due to which they are never able to improve their living conditions. Quality education is one brilliant tool that can enable an individual to work to improve their financial stability.
Hence, without acquiring quality education underprivileged people are left behind in the continuous fate of poverty. It is estimated by Unesco that around 171 million people globally can easily be lifted out of poverty if they are given proper primary education. This is why Ekplatebiryani works towards providing educational opportunities in the struggling regions.

5. Climate crisis

You might be surprised to learn that sudden climate change and crisis are responsible for causing poverty in some regions of the world. The World Bank believes that sudden climate change has the potential to push around 100 million people into poverty in the coming ten years.
Catastrophic events and natural disasters brought by climate change such as earthquakes, floods, and drought are hugely responsible for damaging the financial stability of the affected region. In the case of natural disasters occuring in already struggling regions, they can have immeasurable devastating effects and can lead to poverty without leaving any means to recover.
The least you can do in this situation is come forward and support Ekplatebiryani through your generous donations. Every penny donated by you will make a huge difference in the lives of those struggling to get themselves free from poverty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of poverty?

There are 3 main types of poverty under which countless causes of poverty can be categorised. 3 types of poverty are social, economical, and political under which further types can be identified such as absolute poverty, relative poverty, generational poverty, situational poverty, rural poverty, and urban poverty.

What are the main causes of poverty in rural areas?

Rural poverty is strongly interconnected to the lack of assets and resources in rural areas. One such example is unequal possession of land in the rural areas which causes poverty on great levels.

What causes poverty in India?

The primary causes of poverty in India are substandard agriculture, an uncontrollably growing population, and an immense gap between the rich and poor along with corruption on every level in the government bodies.

What are the causes and effects of poverty?

Major problems like hunger, diseases, and poor sanitation globally are the causes and effects of poverty all in one. That means, not having an adequate food source means being poor and likewise being poor means not having proper food. That is to say, the effects and causes of poverty are often connected.


Now that you are well aware of the causes of poverty, what is stopping you from stepping forward and playing your part? It is high time that you realise your privilege and reflect upon the moral duty that falls on your shoulders of helping the poor come out of their miserable conditions.
Your little help can bring a huge change in the lives of millions of people suffering every day due to poverty. Come join Ekplatebiryani in the journey of combating poverty globally and become a part of numerous projects carried out for the welfare of mankind.


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