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charities that provide clean water

No matter what the type of charity, they have always made a huge difference by bringing positive changes into society. However, the impact of charities that provide clean water is something out of this world. This is because water is an essential and irreplaceable ingredient for any living thing to survive. In short, there is no concept of life without water.

Learn how Ekplatebiryani has been making a difference by providing access to safe water for water-scarce regions.

Importance of Charities that Help Provide Clean Water

The fact that water is essential to sustain life on this planet is enough to make the masses realize the importance of charities that provide clean water. No amount of evidence can ever deny the importance and need for water in order to live a smooth life. Currently, over 771 million people that is 1 out of 10 lack access to safe-to-use water.

Furthermore, hygiene and sanitation-related diseases claim the lives of nearly 1 million people globally due to a shortage of clean water.

If the world continues to ignore the current global water crisis, these figures will keep on multiplying and soon the entire world will bear witness to the catastrophe caused by inadequate sanitation due to water shortage.

Here at Ekplatebiryani, we realize the severity of the situation hence, we are on a mission to change these numbers by providing access to clean and safe water in extremely water-scarce areas.

Ekplatebiryani Aims to End the Global Water Crisis

It is our fundamental belief that providing regular access to clean water for the masses is one of the best ways to bring improvements in global health and educational sectors, along with empowering women who are burdened with the responsibility of fetching water for their families.

Hence, we have come up with several smart initiatives that can help end the global water crisis. Ekplatebiryani has been carrying out water-aid projects for the past few years in order to combat the water shortage and we are happy to announce that our efforts have not gone down the drain.

From installing water handpumps in Thar to providing access to clean water for the Rohingya refugees, Ekplatebiryani has been playing a crucial role in bridging the gap between helpless people and water resources.

Your Donations are a Game Changer

No matter whatever water-aid project is in question, your generous donations have always paved a way for us in order to keep moving forward without looking back. With your undying support, we have managed to provide over 50,000+ people with clean long-term water solutions.

However, this isn’t where we stop hence, we request you to keep showing the support that you have shown to us over the years through your donations. In these testing and uncertain times together we can become a helping hand to those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is clean water a good charity?

Clean water charity holds a 3-star rating with a score of 87.3. Donors can donate to this charity without any doubts regarding its authenticity.

What organization is helping water pollution?

WaterAid is one such organization that helps people all over the world gain access to clean water. In addition to that, WaterAid has changed government policies in over 26 countries worldwide to help combat the increasing water pollution.

How can we help with clean water?

There are a number of measures that we can take in order to help keep water clean such as proper and mindful disposal of hazardous materials. Furthermore, make sure that industries don’t discard their waste into the running water bodies. Lastly, volunteer charities that provide clean water.


Water isn’t just essential for humans but it is required by every living thing in order to strive in this world. Furthermore, water is required to keep the living conditions favorable for coming generations. However, the current global water crisis has adversely impacted the masses in multiple aspects of life.

This is why it has become extremely important to support charities that provide clean water. In case you are pumped regarding this cause you can support us as Ekplatebiryani has been playing a key role in combating water insecurity alongside other charities that work to eliminate the dangers that come with depleting resources of water.

Extend your support to us through your donations!


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