Charity Begins at Home


There is a general notion that charity only means helping people who are strangers to you in terms of financial aid. However, charity is a vast term that covers a lot of aspects. Hence, today we will be learning the background of this famous phrase ‘charity begins at home’ that is used widely around the world.

What Charity Begins at Home Really Means?

This phrase simply means that whenever you decide to engage in charitable activities your own home is the location where you should start from. To put it into simple words we can say that our family and the people living with us are the major recipients of any kind of charity that we intend to give.

That charity can be in any form, it can either be financial aid or physical aid, or even our precious time. Here at Ekplatebiryani, we are firm believers of ‘charity begins at home.’ That is why we always encourage our donors to look around and assist anyone struggling nearby.

Start Giving Charities in your Communities

In case you have made up your mind to engage in charitable activities make sure to remind yourself that charity begins at home. This is because people nearby need your help the most and they can benefit from it greatly. Apart from that, starting by helping your own community is an ideal way to practice charity.

Once you have excelled in helping people near you, you will be gifted with more motivation in order to continue charitable activities. Moreover, giving charity in your own community has hidden benefits for you as well, as the environment you are living in improves.

Lastly, you can extend a helping hand for those who are unable to support themselves within your society such as elders. This is a brilliant way to give back to your community. Elders and homeless people within your society are either prone to immense loneliness or various diseases. You can help them out by donating or spending quality time with them.

Always remember when we say charity begins at home it doesn’t necessarily refer to financial aid, you can help and give back to your community in any way!

Giving Charity For Alleviating Poverty

Another brilliant way apart from helping elders is donating whole-heartedly with the goal of alleviating poverty within your local community. There are countless ways in which you can get involved and make lives easier for people struggling nearby. Such as you can look for anyone struggling to make ends meet within your community and try helping them discreetly in order to keep their dignity intact.

Moreover, you can lend a helping hand to anyone going through a hard time within your immediate or extended family. Lastly, whenever you walk down the street of your home look out for homeless people and try giving them food and water bottles.

Giving Charity and Aiming for an End of Hunger

One major issue of poverty faced by people living below the line is hunger. The issue of hunger stands at the top for people already struggling to stabilise their financial conditions. You can play your part here, by donating money or food items. Look out for anyone within your community or family who is suffering from hunger and try to send them basic groceries or food.

Moreover, you can tie up with Ekplatebiryani and donate money or time for making sure that every individual suffering from hunger receives adequate food supply. You can play your part by supporting various food-related projects initiated by Ekplatebiryani such as food drives, food distribution, and monthly food ration projects.

Charity Begins at Home Examples

There are numerous examples of ‘charity begins at home’. We have enlisted a few examples for you to take inspiration from and to understand the true meaning behind charity begins at home.

  • This phrase fundamentally means that family is above all, a person should always consider his family before looking out for others. Thus, you need to make sure that all the needs of your family are taken care of prior to extending your help to others.
  • Your kids will learn the concept of charity at home because that is their very first learning space. Hence, if you practise charity your kids will be brought up with this concept and they will also believe in charity in their lives.
  • Before you consider helping strangers, look for anyone struggling within your friend circle and neighbourhood. In case you find someone having troubles make sure to resolve them first.
  • Lastly, make a mental note that even though charity begins at home, it simply doesn\’t end there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when someone says charity starts at home?

Charity begins at home simply means that a person should always consider his family and friends in fact people closer to him for charity in any form. Before a person starts helping others he should always start off by helping nearby people be it within his community or neighbourhood.

Which option best describes the expression charity begins at home?

An ideal and most apt meaning of charity begins at home is; You should always look after your own family, friend circle, and in general people near you, before helping out others.

Why should charity begin at home?

The phrase ‘charity begins at home’ holds a very important lesson for each one of us. This phrase reminds us of the importance of family and the people closest to you. Moreover, it emphasises the fact that in order to make this world a better place we need to work upon ourselves and help people closer to us on a priority basis.


Charity begins at home establishes the foundation of charity along with sending out a powerful and clear message to the society that one should always offer aid to their family first. Besides that, fulfilling all needs of our family is our first and foremost responsibility before you help others.

A person who practices regular charity but neglects his own family is not doing any good for society, nor will his charity count as a good deed. Lastly, we should always remember that the things we practise and the values we give to our offspring will always stick with them. Hence, practising charity from home will teach the concept of charity to our younger ones and in return, they will grow up loving this beautiful concept.


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