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No matter what the vision is, charity organizations all over the world have played a crucial role in making this world a better place to live in. These organizations don’t just aid the receiver of the donations, but they provide the donors with some long-lasting benefits. Charity organizations provide a solid platform for regular people for making a difference through their donations.

However, choosing an authentic charity is just as important as donating to charity on a regular basis in order to share our blessings and privilege with those less fortunate than us. Read below, and gather some fruitful tips for looking up charity organizations in order to donate effectively!

How to look up charity organizations?

With the increasing awareness related to causes that really matter more and more people are motivated to give to charity organizations. However, before one proceeds to donate it is highly important to look up authentic charity organizations. In order to look up charity organizations along with determining their authenticity, you need to run a thorough background check.

Furthermore, you need to ask for at least a few proofs regarding the operations that the said charity has carried out in the past. Lastly, one important aspect that you need to consider before finalizing any charity organization in order to donate to is, to make sure that the organization you are considering gives less than 30% of the raised funds into their administration and operational cost. In this way, you will be able to donate effectively and every single penny that you donate would be essentially utilized for the cause you donated it for in the first place.

How do charity organizations work?

Just like businesses, charities come in all forms and types. There are multiple charity organizations all over the world, working for different causes. Charity organizations work to bring the masses together in order to make a difference regarding certain issues that might be disturbing a group or an individual’s life. In other words, charity organizations provide regular people with awareness regarding a certain issue and then provide them with a platform through which they can contribute towards resolving the said issue.

No matter whatever the cause you are inclined towards, you can always spot a charity working for that cause. Suppose that you are concerned about the injustices faced by the Rohingya Muslims, or the inhuman living conditions of Thar you can easily look up a charity that works towards these cases and can benefit from your donations.

One such charity organization is Ekplatebiryani, through which you can support a number of causes such as food insecurity, water insecurity, provision of essentials for Rohingya refugees, and making lives easier for the people of Thar.

Why Choose Ekplatebiryani?

You might wonder, why choose Ekplatebiryani among other charity organizations? We respect the work carried out by other charities, however, we won’t shy away from letting you know our fundamental belief as a charity organization. Ekplatebiryani is a kind of charity that essentially works to provide people with primary needs and basic rights such as access to clean water and food along with making arrangements for people who lack a roof over their heads.

No individual on this planet deserves to be deprived of such basic rights hence, Ekplatebiryani works tirelessly to ensure that all those less fortunate than us get a chance at living a good life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three types of charities?

There are 3 common types of charity named as disease and disorder charity, patient and family support charity, and the last one medical research charity.

What should I look for in a charity?

There is a solid criterion for picking out a charity in order to donate effectively. One thing that you need to look for in a charity is transparent operations and results. Secondly, you need to make sure that the vision of the charity that you chose aligns with the causes that you believe in.

What services do charities provide?

Charities play a crucial role in bringing people together who share the same vision in order to make a huge impact. Charities help society in countless ways, a few prominent benefits of charities are raising awareness regarding a certain matter and providing direct help to the affected individuals and families.


Since forever charity organizations have proved to make a huge difference in societies. In today’s era where the world at large is suffering from a number of issues, the need and significance for charity organizations have increased by tenfold. It is high time that you realize your privilege as an individual and comes forward for causes that need your attention the most.

Play your part and engage in as many charitable acts as you can through your donations to us for those in need!


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