Charity – Path to Achieve Happiness and Peace

Charity the Path of Happiness and Peace

Charity is not just a brilliant human deed that can win you praise from the masses, in fact, it is much more than merely giving away a portion of your wealth. Charity is the ultimate path to happiness and it gives you an abundance of contentment. Moreover, charity holds immense importance in Islam.

Numerous verses in the Quran directly state that charity is one of the most beloved acts of Allah (SWT) and Muslims are highly encouraged to practice as much charity as possible. A verse in the Quran pushing Muslims to engage in charity follows as:

‘’Be steadfast in prayers, practice regular charity, and bow down your heads with those who bow down in (worship)’’ (2:43)

Charity is not just encouraged by Islam, in fact, all major religions of the world encourage their believers to engage in charitable activities for attaining a path to happiness.

Relationship between Charity, Peace, and Happiness

There is a very firm and unmistakable relationship between charity, peace, and happiness. Charity is an act that benefits everyone who is involved in it. Be it the one on the giving end or the receiving end of charity, everyone benefits from it. When you become a source of peace for others by easing their problems you are gifted with a feeling of goodness that can never be achieved with anything else.

Moreover, the people you have helped with by giving charity feel a little at peace. In this way, peace and happiness are interconnected to charity. You are encouraged to practice charity in whatever capacity you can for attaining the utmost happiness and spreading peace.

Join hands with Ekplatebiryani and become a part of several charity projects such as food drive, food distribution, and provision of monthly ration bags. These charity projects are hugely responsible for spreading happiness and peace.

The best part is you can conveniently play your role in these projects for spreading smiles by simply donating funds or even volunteering.

The Secret to Happiness and Peace Is Helping Others via Charity

You might be stunned to find out that your happiness lies in helping others. For years intellectuals have stressed gaining happiness via others\’ happiness. A famous Chinese saying mentioned below highlights the secret of finding happiness through helping the less unfortunate.

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.”

This saying has made it quite evident how helping others in the form of charity gives you a rush of joy for the entire lifetime. You might have felt it too, do you remember the time when you helped anyone in any form and felt an unusual feeling of happiness? The feeling of accomplishment and joy received from helping others is unmistakable.

Hence, today we will learn how to give in a fulfilling manner that will benefit you and the person you are intending to help!

Identify Your Passion

When making a charity or giving from your end, your passion should not fundamentally lie in what amount you give, but it should be found in what amount of love you put into giving. It is only the intention that counts, no matter whether it is little or too much that you are giving if your intention is in the right place, you will get the ultimate joy.

Take Out Time

At times your time and participation in the charity projects are much more needed as compared to monetary value. It is not that your donated funds are not helping at all, it is just that a little compassion shown by you whilst participating in charity projects holds much more value.

At any point in life you might have found yourself too tight on a budget that rendered you unable to help anyone in financial terms however, you can always help out by giving your time. Hence, if you are interested in volunteering you are always more than welcome to become a part of Ekplatebiryani.

Give To Trustworthy Organizations

In order to ensure that your donations are going into the right hands, it is highly essential for you to find a trustworthy organization with transparent goals. You can run a background check and ask for solid proof in order to determine whether an organization is authentic or just a scam.

In case you are dubious about a certain organization you can always rely on Ekplatebiryani for making your donations! Ekplatebiryani believes in working transparently to gain the trust of the donors.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you get happiness in Islam?

In accordance with Islam, one can achieve happiness by living their life according to the golden rules set forth by Allah (SWT). These golden rules revolve around the consuming manners of one’s life such as you can attain happiness by consuming halal food, earning halal money, and spending your life doing halal things whilst abstaining from sins.

What Prophet Muhammad said about peace?

Peace holds immense importance in Islam, in fact, Islam is known as a religion of peace. Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated: “Shall I inform you of something that holds a higher status than fasting, praying and giving charity? Making peace between people, for verily sowing dissension between people is indeed calamitous.” (Kenzel Ummal 5480)

How do Muslims achieve Inner peace and happiness?

The main source for Muslims in order to achieve peace and happiness is Salah. Salah is one of the pillars of Islam and it is mandatory to be offered five times a day, for practicing Muslims it is a kind of affirmation from Allah (SWT) that he is the only source of peace for them.


Now that you are well aware of the fact that your true happiness lies in helping others, you must be happy to participate in charity for helping countless people less fortunate than you. Even just the thought of putting a smile on someone\’s face brings you joy, isn’t it? Just imagine the kind of happiness and peace you will get by easing the everyday troubles faced by families living below the line of poverty.

Come forward and donate right now to Ekplatebiryani for attaining the highest level of happiness and peace along with helping people!


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