Charity that Keeps on Giving

Charity that Keeps On Giving

Have you ever thought about a charity that keeps on giving and what measure you can take in order to earn this ceaseless reward for yourself? Sadaqah Jariyah is one such charity from which the donor can benefit from in both the worlds. Likewise donating to a Sadaqah Jariyah project is known to be the best form of charity as it provides ample benefits to both the receiver and the donor in the long-term!

Whenever you give sadaqah jariyah you receive immense ongoing reward, in this life and in the hereafter. In short, by donating to such projects you can earn multiplied rewards.

As you all know death is inevitable for every single being that comes into this world, and once we die all our deeds are categorised into good and bad deeds. For this reason, everyone wishes to accumulate as many good deeds in their balance as they can in order to have maximum success in the life hereafter. Sadaqah Jariyah is one such form of charity through which you can increase your good deeds and earn never-ending rewards.

We can easily comprehend the significance of sadaqah jariyah by going over this infamous hadith:

\”When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).\” (Muslim)

Now that you have a clear understanding regarding this form of charity that keeps on giving, let’s move on to discussing the types of sadaqah jariyah and how you can be at therecieng end of such immense rewards.

Types of Sadaqah (Ongoing Charity)

There are several types of sadaqah that you can take part in. In fact, in such a beautiful religion like Islam merely pasisng a smile or spreading around useful information is considered a sadaqah. Apart from this, many other acts that benefit the receiver in the long run are considered as sadaqah.

Let’s move onto discussing a few common acts of charity that come under the term sadaqah and can earn you ongoing rewards!

1. Help Someone Acquire Education

This is the primary form of sadaqah jariyah that anyone can take part in. Young people, mostly children belonging from poor families and even orphans are deprived of quality education, due to which they are unable to put in efforts for changing their lives. Hence, you can contribute to their education as a form of sadaqah jariyah.

When you help someone acquire education, they can benefit from it for their entire life, in this way you will be at the receiving end of rewards that never cease.

2. Sponsor an Orphan

Apart from contributing to someone’s education, sponsoring an orphan  is another great form of sadaqah jariyah that you can receive immense rewards from. By sponsoring an orphan it means that you will be the responsibility of every need on your shoulder that includes education, food, shelter, and many other necessities.

When you spend a hefty amount of your hard-earned money for sponsoring a helpless child who has been left alone, you receive an equally heavy amount of rewards that will keep on going for eternity.

3. Donate to Water Projects

All of you must be well aware regarding the importance of water in order to sustain life on earth? From domestic chores to agriculture, water serves as the foundation of every other need of human beings. Yet the shortage of water in the world is increasing at a rapid pace and everyday more and more people are losing their lives to it.

This is why donating to water projects is considered as the best form of charity along with being a sadaqah jariyah for you. You can easily donate to water projects carried out by Ekplatebiryani in various water-scarce regions of the world. Moreover, you can make your contributions to the installation of water hand pumps for Thar and Rohingya.

In this way you will take part in a cause that works towards saving lives of thousands of helpless people by providing them access to clean drinking water. This act of yours will immensely benefit the receiver along with gathering immense rewards in your name in the form of sadaqah jariyah.

4. Plant a Tree

Surprisingly, a simple act of planting a tree also counts as sadaqah jariyah. This is because whenever, anyone takes rest in the shade of the tree that you planted, you will be gifted with immense rewards that are beyond your imagination.

A tree is something that stands tall for centuries hence, the rewards against a tree planted by you will benefit you even after you are long gone. You can take part in any plantation drive or you can do efforts as an individual yourself for planting trees.

How to Donate Effectively

The first and foremost step in order to donate effectively is to finalise a charity whose cause aligns with the causes that inspire you. Then, you need to run a background check and make sure that the charity that you have finalised is 10% authentic and there is zero room for scam.

Once you are sure regarding the transparency of that organisation, pick out a specific project that you are passionate about. Lastly choose a method that you are most comfortable in and make your donations either in person, online, or through writing a check.

One such charity organisation that you can blindly trust with your valuable donations is Ekplatebiryani. Have a look at all our projects that we have carried out for human welfare and support us today by clicking the donate button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most popular form of giving charity?

Donating through writing a check is one of the most popular and widely used methods of giving to charity. As compared to other methods, this method is simpler and quite direct.

Who gives more to charity rich or poor?

As unbelievable as its sound, it has been observed that individuals with lower income have proved to be more generous in terms of practising charity as compared to individuals with higher income brackets.

What is the safest way to donate to a charity?

The safest and most reliable way to donate to a charity is either through writing a check or using a credit card. In case you are donating online make sure that the webpage you are putting your credentials in has ‘https’ in the web address. This will protect you from cyber scam and will safeguard your information.


Donating to charity that keeps on giving is crucial for our conditions in this life and in the hereafter. Generally, contributing to charities for various causes is a good practice and everyone should adopt it. However, making donations in the form of sadaqah jariyah is a kind of unmatchable charity with equally unmatchable rewards.

For your ease we have listed down a few ways in which you can effortlessly earn sadaqah jariyah. Hence, make sure to earn as much sadaqah jariyah as you can through charitable activities mentioned above in order to benefit in the long run!


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