Hand Out Your Lunch Money To Feed The Fasting

Donate Your Lunch Money to Feed the Fasting

The hunger and thirst present in the world are alarming factors and every day thousands of people lose their lives due to a lack of such necessities. This is why as the holy month of Ramadan approaches Ekplatebiryani is striving to provide every single struggling family and individual with proper food and water resources.

We believes that every individual regardless of their colour, creed, and caste has a right to basic necessities such as water, food, and shelter. Hence, this Ramadan it is our primary goal to not let anyone’s fasting become unbearably painful due to hunger and lack of water. Here is how you can fight hunger this Ramadan with Ekplatebiryani to feed the fasting and earn immense sadaqah jariyah.

Feed the Fasting and Earn Rewards in Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is filled to the brim with blessings and joy for the Muslim community. However, a large number of families and individuals residing in poverty-stricken areas are rendered unable to spend the holy month of blessings with ease due to lack of food and water.

Hence, this Ramadan Ekplatebiryani invites you to come forward and support us to feed the fasting. Do you know the surprising factor by which the amount of reward received is multiplied in the holy month of Ramadan? You receive a 70x reward for any good deed that you perform in the month of Ramadan!

Now imagine the immense reward you will be given by Allah (SWT) when you feed the fasting in Ramadan. Apart from that, the kind of contentment and peace that comes with knowing that you were able to ease at least a significant portion of problems that a fasting brother or sister was facing is unmistakable.

In fact, you can double the amount of your fast by simply feeding a fasting person. There is a huge reward in Islam for even feeding the hungry, now you can imagine the reward for feeding the fasting.

Throughout the Quran Allah (SWT) has clearly differentiated between the believers and disbelievers by mentioning how they treat the hungry and those in need.

“ (The righteous are those) who give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive, [Saying], \’We feed you only for the countenance of Allah. We wish not from you reward or gratitude.\’ On the contrary, the disbelievers will endure the punishment of the Hell Fire saying, \’Nor did we used to feed the poor.\’\” (76:8)

Support the Poor Families and Individuals to Feed the Fasting

It is highly important for you to realise the problems faced by families and individuals living below the line of poverty in Ramadan. During Ramadan, hundreds of struggling Muslim families go through a painful time especially while fasting. Can you even begin to imagine the amount of helplessness one must go through if he is unable to receive an adequate supply of food and water after fasting for an entire day?

This pain is exactly what Ekplatebiryani aims to end this Ramadan and you can become a part too! Ramadan is an ideal time to be involved in charity either through giving Zakat or Sadaqah. The lack of resources especially in terms of food and water makes it quite impossible for one to fast in peace.

This Ramadan join hands with Ekplatebiryani to support struggling families and to feed the fasting in return for immense rewards by Allah (SWT).

All of you are well aware of how important a fulfilling nutritious suhoor meal is in order to retain strength for functioning for the rest of the day while fasting. Now you can imagine the horrible living conditions of Muslims who lack adequate resources of food and how difficult fasting gets for them.

This is why Ekplatebiryani urges you to donate more and more to feed the fasting. Ekplatebiryani is running multiple operations related to the provision of food such as food drive and food distribution and we need your support to continue running them with ease. Let us pledge that this Ramadan we will make sure that no family or individual faces any issues regarding shortage of food.

How EkPlateBiryani as an NGO helps to feed the fasting?

Since the very start, Ekplatebiryani as an NGO is working tirelessly to provide hundreds of underprivileged families with necessities. To date, Ekplatebiryani has managed to provide up to 70,000+ people with food resources and around 113 villages with long-term water solutions.

Ekplatebiryani has been carrying out major operations for combating poverty and for making lives easier. One major goal that Ekplatebiryani has been working upon is providing relief to families suffering due to lack of resources in the month of Ramadan. Here is a brief overview regarding the work done by Ekplatebiryani to feed the fasting during Ramadan!

Providing Water Resources to Feed the Fasting

One fundamental goal of Ekplatebiryani is to ensure that no family suffers from thirst especially in the holy month of Ramadan due to lack of adequate clean water supply. According to a survey, around 1 billion people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water.

Ekplatebiryani aims to significantly lower these numbers by providing hundreds of families with long-term clean water solutions. Multiple projects are being carried out by Ekplatebiryani regarding the provision of water supply. These projects include the aid for Thar and Rohingya.

As a Muslim community that is well aware of the significance of water in the month of Ramadan, it is highly crucial for us to realise the responsibility of taking good care of our fasting brothers and sisters. In order to fulfil the moral obligation to feed the fasting and help people around you can without a doubt donate to Ekplatebiryani.

Food Aid to Feed the Fasting

Apart from relieving the water crisis Ekplatebiryani primarily works to alleviate world hunger. Various surveys reveal that more than 820 million people suffer from hunger globally. These staggering numbers are enough to shake you from the core, aren’t they? Imagine such a huge portion of the population is unable to access a basic need that is food.

Now imagine the misery of the Muslim population among these figures in the holy month of Ramadan. These struggling Muslim families are unable to curb their hunger even after a day-long fasting period, this situation is extremely frustrating and painful for them.

This is why Ekplatebiryani urges you to come forward and ease the troubles of your fellow fasting brothers and sisters along with gaining immense reward to feed fasting. You can make your contributions to this noble cause by donating generously to various food-related projects of Ekplatebiryani such as food drive, food distribution, and monthly food ration project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods are forbidden in Islam?

In accordance with Islam, all the food items that fall under the following categories is strictly forbidden to consume: Pork, blood, meat that has been sacrificed in the name other than Allah (SWT), and the meat of any animal that has naturally died before the sacrficial are all forbidden in Islam.

How much do I pay for missing a fast?

The amount paid for compensation for a missed fast without any valid reason is known as Fidyah in Islam. According to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the amount of Fidya is equivalent to the amount required to feed a single person residing in your locality.

What is the purpose of fasting?

The primary purpose of fasting is not to suffer from hunger pangs, however, it is to strengthen your spiritual connection to Allah (SWT) by abstaining from impure thoughts and sins. You must include increased prayers and charity in your fasting period to get the ultimate level of spirituality and to receive the maximum benefits of fasting.


Charity and helping those in need is an integral part of our religion. As a Muslim community we need to reflect upon the primary teachings of Islam that teach us about brother hood and fraternity. One way in which we can strengthen our unity and help those in need is by taking actions to feed the fasting during the month of Ramadan.

Every year thousands of Muslims suffer majorly in the month of Ramadan due to lack of either water or food resources. Hence, in these testing times we need to realise our duty towards those in need. This Ramadan get reward by supporting Ekplatebiryani to feed the fasting!


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