EkPlateBiryani’s 500th Pump: An Agricultural Pump Installed in Thar to Encourage Economic Activities in Pakistan’s Arid Region

Tharparkar, January 2024 — EkPlateBiryani (EPB) has installed the 500th handpump in Thar as part of their Thar Hand Pumps Campaign. EPB recognizes the importance of clean water accessibility to the people of Thar for their survival and growth. 

The pump is an agricultural one, and is massive in size and impact. It goes down much deeper than the rest of the regular 499 handpumps installed by EPB, which go 110 – 150 feet deep and last for 15 to 20 years. 

Read more about the hand pumps here: https://ekplatebiryani.com/harnessing-hope-from-below-the-life-changing-magic-of-deep-well-handpumps/ 

The 500th hand pump goes 200 ft down and is solar powered. It brings up water that can help grow enough crops to sustain the entire village. The villagers can also sell these crops and establish a reliable source of income to break through their shackles of poverty and hunger. 

Thus far, the hand pump has been able to quench the thirst of 600 people on a daily basis, and has enabled the cultivation of wheat crops. Not only does this agricultural solar hand pump provide a source of income to the farmers of Thar, but it also:

  • Ensures availability of wheat for the villagers and combats the hunger crisis in Thar
  • Supports the environment, and the livestock of the villagers
  • Opens door for socioeconomic growth of the region

In the future, EkPlateBiryani hopes to continue with their efforts of eradicating thirst in Thar – the world’s 18th largest desert in Pakistan’s most arid region. The 500th Pump is just one of the many milestones that we hope to achieve with the support of our generous donors and Allah SWT, inshaAllah.


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