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Hunger and malnutrition are among the leading causes of death in the world. Currently, all over the world more than enough food is produced to feed every individual yet 9.9% of the world remains hungry due to economic disparity and unequal distribution of resources. Moreover, around 690 million people globally are severely malnourished due to food insecurity.

These figures are quite astonishing. We should be working towards a world where no individual loses their life due to hunger. Hence, it has become essential to stand up for this cause and help feed the hungry in these testing times.

How can one help to Feed the Hungry?

There are several ways in which one can help feed the hungry. Scroll below to uncover a few best possible ways in which you can make your contributions to feed the hungry!

Donate Money to a trusted Organisation

The best possible way through which you can help feed the hungry is obviously by donating money to a trusted organization that works for curbing hunger. Typically, providing financial aid is an ideal solution because teams who work for food aid have a better understanding of what is necessary and what is not in terms of purchasing food items for donation.

If you wish to make a donation to feed the hungry, Ekplatebiryani would be overjoyed to welcome you!

Donate Food Items

In case you are unable to provide financial aid this is another way through which you can help feed the hungry. Feel free to donate any food item that you feel is additional for you. Excess food items lying around your pantry may not feel significant to you, but for people out there starving for days on end, those food items mean everything. Hence, don’t shy away from helping in whatever capacity you can!

Offer to Volunteer

In case you can’t help through both the above-mentioned ways, there is no need to feel disappointed because you can still contribute by offering to volunteer for any trusted organization. By giving out your time for welfare projects, you will automatically be making generous contributions for helping feed the hungry.

If you wish to volunteer, you can always join hands with Ekplatebiryani to help feed the hungry through our food aid projects.

EkPlateBiryani Provided a million meals to Feed the Hungry

Since Ekplatebiryani came into being, we have managed to provide millions of meals to feed the hungry. In fact, eradicating global hunger through our constant efforts was one of the leading goals that helped us come this far. Here at Ekplatebirani we strongly believe that no individual deserves to be deprived of their basic rights such as access to a sufficient supply of food.

This motto of ours has enabled us to work tirelessly and carry out multiple food aid projects such as food drives, food distributions, and distributions of monthly food ration bags.  We take pride in letting you know that, according to stats till September 2021, Ekplatebirynai managed to provide over 700,000+ deserving individuals with food.

Help us Fight Global Hunger to Feed the Hungry

Without a doubt, your constant support and generous donations are behind our success. We expect the same support and outpour of donations from you in the future as well. Just like you have helped us carry out welfare projects, we urge you to come forward and donate wholeheartedly so together we can fight global hunger and feed the hungry people suffering from constant starvation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to feed the hungry?

Feed the hungry refers to the kind act of providing food or financial aid to those who lack access to an adequate and regular supply of food along with having no means to afford food staples.

Is feeding the hungry a good charity?

Feeding the hungry is the best possible form of charity as providing food to those who go hungry for days on end can prove it be life-saving for them.


No amount of evidence can ever deny the fact that hunger leaves everlasting and truly devastating effects on one’s mental and physical well-being. The hunger statistics of the world are growing at an unprecedented rate and this is quite alarming. Hence, it is high time that we make efforts to fight global hunger and help feed the hungry through sharing our blessings.

If you actively want to become a part of the fight against global hunger in order to help feed the hungry, you are always welcome to come forward and join hands with Ekplatebiryani. Through your support and generous donations, Ekplatebriyani will ensure that no individual on the face of earth goes hungry to bed!


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