What is the Concept of Food Security?


Over the last few years, sky-rocketing population growth, destructive climatic factors, unstable global economic conditions, and many other factors have greatly impacted food security. In this article today, we will be understanding the concept of food security along with going over examples in order to make meaningful contributions towards ensuring food security for those in need.

Food Security Definition

Food security is a term coined by the United Nations Committee on World Food Security. This is an umbrella term for all the measures that ensure the availability of food and an individual\’s capability of accessing it in order to sustain a healthy life. In other words, it is a concept that ensures that every single human regardless of caste or religion has social, financial, and physical resources to access a healthy supply of food that will suffice their food demands.

Lately, due to a number of factors the overall food security for the world at large has been adversely affected. Hence, many organizations all over the world are actively working towards ensuring food security for all however, their efforts seem to be insufficient due to the staggering growth of the global population in recent years.

Currently, there are 2 definite terms for the severity of food security, mentioned below are the ranges of food security that are used to measure the extent of food security in an area:

  • High food security: This refers to an indication of zero problems or hindrances in terms of food access.
  • Marginal food security: Shortage or scarcity of food, along with the risk of unmet food demands due to food insufficiency.

Pillars of Food Security

There are 3 fundamental pillars of food security namely, food availability, food access, and food utilization and wastage. Let’s briefly go over the pillars of food security.

  • Food Availability: Food availability covers all the aspects of food supply starting from production to distribution.
  • Food Access: Food access refers to individuals having enough physical, financial, and mental resources in order to access a sufficient supply of food for leading a healthy and active life.
  • Food Use and Misuse: This term covers the utilization and wastage of produced food supply in an area.

How to Ensure Food Security for All?

As the world progresses, global food security tends to suffer a great deal. Hence, it has become extremely crucial to address this issue and take immediate measures in order to help sustain the lives of those suffering from severe food scarcity. Likewise, many NGOs all over the world, Ekplatebiryani has been at the forefront of this fight against hunger in order to help those in need.

Here at Ekplatebiryani, we have always believed that clean water, sufficient food supply, and a safe shelter are everyone’s fundamental rights and no individual deserves to be deprived of these rights. We have carried out numerous food aid-related programs that align with our belief in food security for all.

You can take part in this journey of providing food to people suffering from food scarcity by supporting our projects like food drives and monthly food ration distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 aspects of food security?

The 4 main aspects of food security are food availability, food access, food utilization, and food stability.

What is important for food security?

Stable economic conditions are essential for food security. A sufficient supply of food is a prerequisite for leading a healthy and active life smoothly. Likewise, proper financial means are a prerequisite for obtaining enough supply of food in order to meet your nutritional demand for leading a healthy life.

What is food security?

Food security is a state where an individual has enough resources for obtaining a sufficient supply of food in order to lead a healthy life without having to worry about any kind of food scarcity.

End Note on Food Security

Over the years a dramatic decline has been observed in the measure of food security in developing countries. This decline can be due to a variety of factors such as climatic emergencies, over-the-limit population growth, depleting resources of water, and many more. This rapid and continuous decline in food security is quite alarming as it can have some serious long term-impacts if not controlled in the coming years.

This is why Ekplatebiryani has been working tirelessly toward alleviating any risk of food insecurity, especially for people residing in impoverished regions of the world. You can also come forward and make your contributions to this cause of ensuring food security for all through your generous funds that will help us carry out operations like food drives and monthly food ration projects.


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