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Help Us

Help Us Create A Better World

Our goal is to help thousands of needy and starving people to be able to eat meals without strife.

We cannot do this alone.
We need your help.

You have resources, connections, skills and energy that is very valuable to us, and the cause. Without you, this project would never get off the ground.

Even if it’s a little bit off effort.

What We Need Help With

Operations Managers
In Each City

We are looking for trust-worthy, high energy people in each city that can help arrange, organize and oversee the distribution to poor people. This is a key role.

Marketing Manager

We are looking for people who can help manage our Marketing and Operations on Facebook/Instagram, manage comments, messages, client care.

Financial Manager (Accounting)

We are looking for an Accountant who can keep track of all funding, spends, create projections and help manage cashflow for EkPlateBiryani.

iPad/Tablet Donations

As we set up local POS Donation systems, we are in a shortage of iPads and Tablets to set these up.

Contact Us

We Want To Hear From You

EkPlateBiryani is not something that we can tackle ourselves. We need help from everyone, including you. Feel free to reach out to us for any comments, concerns, suggestions or ideas. We are here, let's talk!

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