Aid For the Homeless: The Expense of Shelter


The adverse post covid effects are undeniable in terms of the financial stability of the majority. The prices have skyrocketed, be it a luxury or a necessity the price point has gone higher than normal. Unfortunately, everything ranging from everyday necessities to the cost of living has become out of reach for a common man.

Sadly, regardless of these high prices and expenses, average salaries have remained where they were before the pandemic. This is why a majority of the people have stumbled due to the financial crisis to the point where they are forced to face homelessness. Hence, today you will be learning the best possible ways of helping the homeless.

What Leads to Homelessness?

By now, you must have a clear idea regarding the sad reality of the majority’s financial stability in current times due to insane inflation and post-pandemic effects. Another addition to this sad reality is, even people who had a stable and self-sufficient financial background before the pandemic are now struggling to make ends meet.

In this case, these people are guilt-ridden to the point where they can not gather enough courage to seek help. Due to this, they tend to keep stumbling in terms of financial stability. Finally, there comes a point where they are no longer able to afford necessities and in the worst-case scenario, they are often faced with the problems of homelessness.

There is no way out for these people, as they can not simply afford to rent let alone buy a property in such a situation where they have just hit a rock bottom financially. The issue of homelessness is growing globally, in Pakistan alone it is estimated that roughly 20 million people lack proper housing facilities.

Hence, realizing the domino effects that eventually lead to homelessness along with encouraging communities to come together for helping the homeless is the need of the time.

One can not even begin to imagine what kind of excruciating pain a family facing homelessness goes through every single day. Having a stable roof over your head is something that can never be taken for granted. Homeless people live a hopeless life, with zero safety in terms of every basic need be it shelter, clothing, food, or water. They lack every basic thing required for surviving.

Ekplatebiryani believes that every human has a right to necessities such as shelter, food, and water. This is why all the projects carried out by Ekplatebiryani fundamentally cover the aspects mentioned before for helping the homeless.

Ideas for Helping the Homeless

Major operations carried out by Ekplatebiryani are driven by the cause of helping the homeless through the best-possible countless ways. There are numerous problems faced by homeless people such as shelter, food, clothing, and provision of clean drinking water. Luckily, if you succeed in easing any one of their problems you can be at the receiving end of the benefits of helping the homeless.

Hence, we have briefly listed down a few ways by which you can make your contributions to Ekplatebiryani for helping the homeless.

Donate Food

The lack of shelter along with food is the primary issue faced by homeless people. Struggling homeless families are uncertain about their next meals and usually, they spend their lives combating hunger in vain. That is why donating ready-to-eat food items is the most practical and fulfilling solution for helping the homeless combat hunger.

Moreover, you can do your research and connect with any non-profit organization that conducts food drives for the homeless. In this case, Ekplatebiryani is your best bet due to its major operations such as food drive and food distribution. Through these projects, Ekplatebiryani has been able to provide food to millions of struggling and homeless families.

Feeding the hungry holds immense rewards as it is mentioned in this famous hadith:

“Any believer who feeds a hungry believer, Allah will feed him from the fruits of Jannah on the Day of Qiyamah.” (Tirmidhi)

Provide Clean Drinkable Water

Experiencing homelessness isn’t just the lack of shelter, in fact, it is composed of much bigger problems. Individuals and families living without a stable roof on their heads face a severe lack of clean drinking water as they have no means of storing water. Hence, you should always make sure that whenever you leave your house, you take a water bottle and give it to any homeless person you spot.

Another contribution that you can make in this regard is to extend your support through funds to Ekplatebiryani. In this way, you will be able to play your part in helping the homeless.

Donate Warm Clothing, Socks, and other essentials

Another brilliant way of helping the homeless is giving away your gently used clothing items and socks to them. Homeless families and individuals are the most vulnerable and exposed group to extreme weather conditions, especially in winters. They face unimaginably painful conditions due to a lack of appropriate clothing.

Thus, it is appreciated and recommended to donate clothes to the homeless for making their lives a little easier. You can contact Ekplatebiryani for giving away your clothing items and other essentials.

Volunteer to Tutor Homeless Children

Typically for homeless people education is the last thing that they could even think of giving to their children. That is why growing up, homeless children lack education all their lives due to which ultimately they never get a chance at having a better life. Hence, volunteering to tutor homeless children is the best gift that you can give for helping the homeless.

Give Undifferentiated Respect

Giving respect to homeless people is highly important because they are normal people just like us. It is just that different fates landed them in different circumstances, however, that does not mean they do not deserve respect. They deserve the equal amount of respect as any normal being.

Secondly, it is our moral obligation to help the hopeless in any capacity that we can along with giving them utmost respect as individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food should I give a homeless person?

You can give any food item that is easy to open and can be eaten easily to a homeless person. Granola bars, canned food items, fruits, and vegetables can serve as an ideal food for giving to a homeless person.

How is helping the homeless important?

Helping the homeless is no doubt one of the most important things. This is because helping people gifts you a sense of goodness. Moreover, you can become a part of a good cause by helping the homeless and becoming a ray of hope in their lives.

What is the best thing to give a homeless person?

There are various things that you can give for helping the homeless such as clothing items, clean water, food items, and the most important thing to give is respect!


While walking down the street just look around yourself and you will be surprised by the number of people spending their lives without a roof. These tough times and insane inflation has made housing expenses difficult for a surprising number of people and families. This is why it is our utmost moral duty to come forward to help the homeless in these testing times.

Ekplatebiryani needs your support for smoothly running operations for helping the homeless. Play your part and extend your support to Ekplatebiryani for helping the homeless with your generous donations.


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