Ever-Growing Numbers of Homelessness in Pakistan

homelessness in pakistan

Homelessness is one of the leading issues present in the modern-day world. However, in some countries, it is way more prominent than in others. One such country tackling the exponentially increasing issue of homelessness is Pakistan. Today you will learn about the shocking figures and truth regarding homelessness in Pakistan.

Pakistan isn’t among the largest countries in the world, nor does it fall anywhere near the list of top 10 countries by landmass. Yet, surprisingly Pakistan has the fifth largest population among all the countries in the world.  The current population of Pakistan is around 228,467,950. However, the actual population is said to be higher than this figure due to the huge influx of refugees from neighbouring countries.

Regardless of such a huge population, Pakistan comes under the list of developing countries in the world. Moreover, 29.5% of the population in Pakistan is living below the line of poverty. This is the prime reason why the issue of homelessness in Pakistan seems to be spiralling out of control.

In a developing country like Pakistan, homeless people face unimaginable hurdles. This is why Ekplatebiryani has taken an initiative to provide aid to homeless people in Pakistan with your support.

Statistics of Homelessness in Pakistan

The latest data collected in 2018 shows that there are up to 20 million homeless people in Pakistan. If this figure does not shock you to the core, wait till we tell you that around 943 in every 10K people are homeless in Pakistan.

The majority of the homeless population of Pakistan is living in temporary shelters, refugee camps, slums, or on the streets.

As a matter of fact, 65% of the population of the largest metropolis of Pakistan known as Karachi lives in slums. These figures are continually growing and this has become quite alarming.

Most Affected by Homelessness in Pakistan (Women & Children)


Solid evidence reveals that women and children are the most vulnerable to sufferings due to homelessness in Pakistan. Young children and women are most likely to be affected as compared to men. A variety of factors are responsible for such a difference of this magnitude.

For example, girls in Pakistan are usually deprived of the same level of quality education that males receive. Moreover, Pakistan is the center of early marriage for young girls, around 18% of the girls in Pakistan are married off before they turn 18. This results in lesser educational opportunities for girls because once they get married their access to education ceases.

Without quality education and skills, chances of landing a good-paying job are extremely thin. This further contributes to the majority of the girls not being financially independent and in case the breadwinner of the house who is usually a male dies, the family is left behind with no financial means to sustain their life or shelter.

Without education, it is completely out of the question for a girl to have the means to afford a good lifestyle let alone property or a shelter. Hence, women and children are the most distressed due to the homelessness in Pakistan.

This is why we urge you to come forward and help us take care of the homeless.

Key Causes of Homelessness in Pakistan


A variety of factors and causes are responsible for the staggering figures of homeless people in Pakistan. We will be discussing a few key causes that directly contribute to the day-to-day growing statistics of homelessness in Pakistan.

Multi-aspect and Fast Growing Poverty

You can label poverty as the prime cause of homelessness in Pakistan. The majority of the population of Pakistan is facing immense poverty. Moreover, the rates of property have sky-rocketed in the past few years to the extent where even property has become out of reach for someone belonging to the middle class.

This isn’t where the adverse effects of poverty end. The majority of the population living below the line of poverty lacks proper housing facilities, education opportunities, food resources, water supply, and healthcare facilities. This means that this portion of the population is facing multi-aspect poverty and is most likely to end up among the homeless people in Pakistan.

Soaring Levels of Unemployment

This is another notable factor that directly contributes to homelessness in Pakistan. In 2020, the unemployment rate of Pakistan was approximately 4.45% which means a huge chunk of the entire population is jobless or lacks the means to earn for themselves and their families. As obvious as it is, in case a person is unable to provide for himself, how can they possibly afford the expense of shelter? This is how high levels of employment eventually lead to homelessness in Pakistan.

Unforeseen Climate Changes

Pakistan’s geographical location makes it a country that is quite prone to natural calamities and sudden climate shifts. In 2005, the Kashmir area of Pakistan experienced a large-scale earthquake that displaced millions of people. An estimate of 40 million people was left homeless due to this natural disaster.

In 2010, Pakistan went through the worst ever humanitarian disaster known as the flooding of the river Indus. The nearby villages and areas of river Indus were greatly affected and millions were displaced and left homeless.

Apart from this, Pakistan is prone to ongoing droughts, floods, earthquakes, and many other natural disasters due to which, each year, thousands of people are forced into homelessness.

How Ekplatebiryani Help the Homeless People in Pakistan?

The government of Pakistan has taken up several measures to curb the issue of homelessness in Pakistan by providing shelter, yet those are not enough to serve such a massive population.

This is why it is our moral obligation to come forward and support the homeless people in Pakistan. Here at Ekplatebiryani, we realize the seriousness of the steep climb of homelessness statistics in Pakistan. Ekplatebiryani has taken numerous initiatives for helping the homeless population of Pakistan in every possible way. Our food drives and food distribution projects have provided countless homeless people access to food and clean water.

You can also become a part of this mission for helping the homeless people in Pakistan. Come forward and donate now in whatever capacity you can to gather immense rewards along with fulfilling your moral duty of helping those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percent of Pakistan is homeless?

Around 943 in every 10k people in Pakistan are homeless due to various factors which include poverty, lack of basic facilities, unemployment, and natural disasters.

How many children are homeless in Pakistan?

Various reports reveal that a huge number of around 1.5 million children are homeless in Pakistan. These figures are rapidly increasing every other day due to numerous factors such as displacement, refugee influx, household violence, and many others.

Where is the highest rate of homelessness?

India is suffering from homelessness the most as compared to any other country in the world. There are approximately 18 million homeless children in India. Such huge figures of homelessness in India can be attributed to multiple factors that include overpopulation, poverty, unemployment, climate disasters, and many more.


By now you must have realized the alarming figures of homelessness in Pakistan. If not, just have a little walk on any busy street in Pakistan and you will spot countless homeless people living their lives on the streets.

But you can help make a difference!

It is a golden chance for you to gather immense rewards for yourself by helping countless homeless people in Pakistan. For making your contributions for aid to homeless people in Pakistan, make a donation to Ekplatebiryani and witness the power of your donations.


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