MAY 2024

5th anniversary FOOD DRIVE


Celebrating Labour Day and EPB's 5th anniversary: we served 350 construction workers at Naya Nazimabad with biryani, water, and ice cream, honoring their hard work with a hearty meal and sweet treats.

On the same day, we served juice boxes, water, biryani, sandwiches, and ice cream to 100 kids in Manghopir, delivering nourishment and joy to brighten their day.

ration food drive

Mubarak Village

Empowering Mubarak Village:

Distributed 500 grocery bags to 500 underprivileged families, providing essential support and nourishment to the community.

ration food drive


Many awaited your support in Peshawar. MashaAllah, you helped provide monthly groceries to 25 families in the city.


Durdana's Thalassemia Battle

She had 2nd follow-up visit and had 2 months of medicines.

Paid transportation from Karat, Quetta to Peshawar on both sides

Bakhtawar's Progress

A 15-year-old battling B/L Hyperopia, showing improvement and recovery with a recent follow-up visit to the doctor.

Supporting Moula Bux

Assisted with medical expenses for his severe VCC treatment, ensuring he had a follow-up with the doctor to aid his recovery.

Helping an Epileptic Patient

Epilepsy patient, sent monthly medicines

Patient with Bipolar Disorder

A patient with a Bipolar Affective Disorder. With your help, we manage to pay for his remaining rehab bills.

Razia Bux's journey

Following up on his bilateral eye allergy treatment, he is on the path to recovery, showing encouraging signs of improvement.

Urs Unwer: A Journey from Bridging a Gap to Healing a Smile

Urs Unwer is a Lip Cleft patient. We helped him with all his medical expenses.

Madiha's Resilience

After a severe burn injury from a fire while playing, she underwent successful plastic surgery and is now recovering well, regaining her strength and joy.

Kusloom Bibi’s Fight Against Cancer

Kusloom Bibi, a cancer patient, has been prescribed a dose of medicine every 3 weeks. The cost of each dose is $500 USD.

Easing Razia's Journey

Provided essential injections to aid in the treatment of her left breast cancer, supporting her battle against the disease with compassion and care.

Hassan Onwer’s Cry For Help: Immediate Surgery is Beyond his Reach

65-year-old Hassan Unwer had been suffering from hemorrhoids. After initial tests, the doctor at Memon Medical Institute decided on the required surgery.

With the support of our donors, Hassan had a successful surgery. He is currently undergoing post-op treatments.

happiness project - wheelchair distribution


5 people with walking disabilities found freedom through wheelchairs.

ration food distribution


This month, you helped provide full month's groceries to 80 families.

Their duas are with you, inshaAllah.

mission tech


Our digital skills center, MissionTech, has several students enrolled with 6 new additions this month.

Vocational Center


At the vocational training center, we have 8 women learning henna art and 9 women learning to stitch professionally.

street to school


We sponsored healthy everyday school lunches for 180 students at Street To School at their Ghareebabad and Orangi Town campuses.

"An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.” - Lydia Maria Child