Importance of Clean Water Charity

Importance of Clean Water Charity

For quite a long time now, the global water crisis has remained one of the most alarming situations in the world. Sadly, in recent years water scarcity has gotten out of control.

Currently, the global water crisis is extremely bad, and around 785 million people all around the world lack access to basic water services. This is why clean water charity has become the need of the hour.

Did you know, that it is expected that half of the world’s population could be living without access to clean water by early 2025 if we don\’t take notice of the ongoing global water crisis. Moreover, it was projected that by 2040, 1 in 4 children globally will be residing in extremely water-scarce areas.

If these figures are not enough to startle you, wait till you come across the fact that roughly 700 million people globally can be displaced due to extreme water stress. All these figures combined, are enough to stress the importance of clean water charity.

Clean water is a basic right that no individual deserves to be deprived of. One can not simply go on with their life peacefully in the absence of water. The usage of water extends to every domain of our lives, be it for drinking, cooking, sanitation, water is simply irreplaceable.

In this blog, let’s dig in further and discover how we can become a part of clean water charities and help those in need.

EkPlateBiryani Addressing the Global Water Crisis


As an NGO Ekplatebiryani has been on the frontline of clean water charity.

Here’s what you should know:


Back in May 2019, Ekplatebiryani came into being with a solid mission of providing access to clean water for struggling families and individuals all around the world, especially for people residing in water-scarce regions of the world. Ekplatebiryani fundamentally believes that water is an essential right of every human being present on the face of the earth.

How Can We Contribute to Clean Water Charity?

Ekplatebiryani has been tirelessly working on water-related projects. Installation of tube wells and hand pumps along with other clean water charities are the major operations carried out by Ekplatebiryani.

Your generous water donations and support are integral reasons behind the success of Ekplatebiryani’s mission of clean water charity. We urge you to come forward and donate as much as you can and play your part in combating the global water crisis.

Donate now to clean water charity and reap benefits later on in life and the afterlife.

Continue reading to learn more regarding projects of clean water charity carried out by Ekplatebiryani in different regions all around the world.

Water Aid to Pakistan

Lately, water crises are on the continual rise in Pakistan. A survey revealed that around 2.17 million people in Pakistan lack access to clean water. 1 in 10 people are living their lives in the absence of clean water.

Thar is an area located in Eastern Pakistan that is among the most water-scarce areas of the world. The inhumane living conditions of Thar due to extreme water scarcity are no secret to the world. Thousands of children lose their lives per year in Thar due to thirst. Ekplatebiryani has been playing a key role in running clean water charity projects via Thar donations for easing the lives of Tharis.

You can too become a part of this cause by donating whole-heartedly to Ekplatebiryani.

Water Aid to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is among countries that suffer a great deal due to a shortage of water. Approximately more than 1.8 million in Bangladesh lack access to a proper water source. The everyday increasing water crisis in Bangladesh is the key cause behind the declining health of struggling families in Bangladesh.

Donate now to Ekplatebiryani to ease the lives of thousands of struggling families in Bangladesh.

Water Aid to the Philippines

Usually, water sources are scarce in major parts of the Philippines. Around 6-8 months per year are extremely dry, hence people in the Philippines are faced with acute water shortages. As a result, people tend to rely on unsafe water for drinking purposes which ultimately leads to contracting a plethora of water-borne diseases.

Clean water charity is highly needed in the Philippines for combating water scarcity. In order to become a part of the fight against water shortage in the Philippines, come forward and donate now to Ekplatebiryani.

Water Aid to India

India is subjected to extreme water scarcity due to frequent droughts and extreme changes in weather patterns. To have a clear idea regarding the lack of clean water in India, you should know that 21% of diseases found in India are water-related. Most households in India living under the line of poverty suffer a great deal due to water scarcity.

India is among countries that require charities for clean water more than ever before. Hence, it is high time to realize the catastrophic effects of the water situation in India. Come forward and donate to help Ekplatebiryani continue its mission.

Water Aid to Uganda

The water crisis in Uganda has reached the level where 7 million Ugandans lack access to clean water. Uganda is in dire need of charities for clean water. This is why Ekplatebriyan has been carrying out various projects in order to fight the water shortage in Uganda. In case you want to contribute to this cause, donate now and earn immense rewards.

How EkPlatebiryani Water Projects provide clean water?

As you know already, Ekplatebiryani has been carrying out multiple water projects in different regions and countries all around the world. Let’s dig in further to learn about the work Ekplatebiryani has done for the people of Thar and Rohingya for the provision of clean water.

Hand Pumps for Thar

As mentioned earlier, Thar is an excessively water-scarce desert region located in Eastern Pakistan. For years, the people of Thar have been living in horrible living conditions due to an extreme shortage of water. This is why the team of Ekplatebiryani makes it a point to carry out various clean water charity projects in Thar.

Ekplatebiryani came up with a solution that can greatly help curb the water shortage in Thar. That is the installation of water hand pumps to serve the people of Thar with an abundant supply of clean water. Since then Ekplatebiryani has never looked back. We have installed multiple hand pumps in various districts of Thar to ensure that each family gets the required amount of water easily.

If you want to become a part of this cause, donate now to ensure that the people of Thar keep getting the water they have been deprived of for so long.

Hand Pumps for Rohingya

Rohingya is the largest refugee community in the world. The people of Rohingya have been displaced and abandoned by the government for several years. These people are denied basic rights including water. Since no government is ready to take responsibility for the Rohingya, these people are living in inhumane living conditions.

In the absence of water, the lives of Rohingya people are miserable and hopeless. For this very reason, Ekplatebiryani has carried out an initiative for installing water hand pumps to provide the people of Rohingya with clean water in the long term.

You can too become a part of clean water charity projects with a simple click of the donate button from the comfort of your home.

How can safe water save lives?

Safe and easily accessible water is the key to good public health. Nothing can undermine the importance of safe drinking water. Be it for drinking, domestic, sanitation, agricultural, or any other purpose, safe water is a blessing that can never be taken for granted. In fact, safe water is integral to human life.

In the absence of safe drinking water communities easily fall prey to epidemics due to poor sanitation and health conditions. This ultimately leads to poverty and even worse conditions such as famine because one can not simply thrive in agriculture in the absence of water.

You can easily equate life to water, which means there is no life without water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to provide clean water to everyone?

It would cost an estimated $9.6 billion per year to provide clean water to everyone in the world, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). This is equivalent to 0.12% of the world\’s GDP. The report found that investments in water and sanitation could save $7.3 trillion globally over a period of 10 years.

Is providing clean water a good charity?

You can label the clean water charity as the best form of charity. Making efforts to provide clean water for people living in water-scarce areas is the best you can do for human welfare. You won’t just be easing the troubles of helpless people, in fact, you will be saving actual lives by providing them access to safe water.

How can I help people access clean water?

The primary reason behind the lack of clean water is poverty. Hence, to help people get access to clean water, you should make effort for combating poverty. Secondly, you can donate to charities that specifically carry out clean water charity projects like Ekplatebiryani’s water project.


As you already know the importance of water, you must realize the importance of clean water charity as well. The provision of safe water in water-scarce areas is essential for saving thousands of lives. If you do realize the need for charities for clean water, come forward and support Eklatebiryani in its mission of providing safe water to every individual.


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