International Day of Charity


International day of charity was marked in order to raise awareness worldwide and to uplift NGOs, volunteers, stakeholders, and individuals to indulge in charitable activities. The date selected to establish this specific day of charity is September 5th which marks the passing away of Mother Teresa; A woman known globally for charity services.

There is a great importance of charity in Islam, in fact, one of the pillars of Islam known as Zakat set the basis of charity and giving back to people who are in need. You will come across several references in Hadith and Quran that stress the utmost importance of charity and its benefits. This is the primary goal that Ekplatebiryani is driven by.

Luckily through generous donations of supporters, Ekplatebiryani has always managed to fulfill its core purpose of being established. Which is helping out families and communities who are helpless and need donations even to access basic necessities.

What is the significance of the international day of charity?

Several reasons convince us to realize the importance of the national day of charity. However, we need to do more than merely realize the importance of a day of charity, which is to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and help people less fortunate than us in any way we can.

World charity day draws the attention of the masses at a huge level towards a good cause that works to alleviate poverty worldwide. For this purpose, make your contribution and become a supporter of Ekplatebiryani.

History of International Day of Charity

The date September 5th was chosen in order to commemorate the international day of charity. This is because September 5th marks the death anniversary of Mother Teresa who was famous for her philanthropy. Moreover, Mother Teresa is the recipient of a Nobel prize for combating world poverty.

Seeing her unmatched work in philanthropy for years all over the world, the UN-designated 5th September as the international day of charity alongside the death anniversary of Mother Teresa.

How to celebrate International Day of Charity?

There are various practices that you can carry out in order to fulfill the purpose that world charity day has. One fundamental purpose that the global charity day has set forth is to simply realize the sufferings of the poor and come forward to help them.

Donate funds

Donating funds to charitable NGOs and organizations is the one effortless thing that we can do in order to play our part for the betterment of society and to alleviate poverty on a global level. Ekplatebiryani makes sure that each and every penny that you give away is spent for the cause that it was donated for.

Ekplatebiryani has been distributing grocery bags door to door regularly in underprivileged areas. Moreover, the statistics show that food drives carried out by Ekplatebirynai have managed to distribute food among 500,000 people.

Without any doubt, this year on national charity day donate your hard-earned money at the right place by funding Ekplatebirynai to help us continue to carry out the work we have been doing for years.

Volunteer for charity work

Alongside, playing your part by providing financial assistance to charitable NGOs, you can work as a volunteer to help them run their operations smoothly by giving them manpower. The volunteers of Ekplatebiryani has proved to provide emergency assistance to helpless areas in natural disasters such as typhoon in the Philippines and the plane crash in Karachi.

Visit Ekplatebiryani to extend your voluntary services towards a good cause that becomes a ray of hope for the poor and people in distress.

Show up at charity events

Taking some time out from your day to realize the importance of global charity and to highlight the issues faced by people living below the poverty line is more than enough. For this purpose on charity day, 2022 make sure to attend at least one event that works for charity.

Along with this, you can set up a fundraiser and collect a handsome amount of money to donate to a trustworthy organization. Like many other organizations, Ekplatebiryani is working to alleviate poverty and hunger. So, come forward and donate to Ekplatebiryani.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the theme of International Charity day?

The theme set forth for the international day of charity 2022 which falls on the 5th of September is ‘Global Solidarity to Eradicate Poverty.’ This theme signifies the importance of charity along with highlighting its benefits and long-term effects that it can leave for the betterment of society.

2. When was the first International Day of Charity?

The national day of charity was first announced by the UN General Assembly in 2012. A year later on September 5th, 2013, the international day of charity was officially celebrated. This day was commemorated with the support of the Hungarian civil society that works to eradicate poverty.

3. Why is International Day of Charity celebrated?

Every year on September 5th, the international day of charity is celebrated to honor the lifetime philanthropic work of Mother Teresa. The date September 5th was chosen to mark the passing away of Mother Teresa in order to remind the masses regarding the significance and need of charity in current times.


The international day of charity, if realized and celebrated the way it was originally established, has the potential to change the lives of millions by eradicating poverty. Since it came into being, Ekplatebirynai has been working in major areas of the world and providing thousands of families with necessities along with carrying out honest operations for alleviating poverty.

Ekplatebiryani urges you to realize the goal of the national day of charity and to come forward with your generous donations. You can support the food distribution, food drives, providing access to water in Rohingya and Thar, and even assistance for the distressed by simply donating wholeheartedly to Ekplatebiryani, and get sadaqah jariyah.


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