Is Your Donation Going Into the Right Hands?


The importance of charity in Islam can be seen by an evident fact that one of the pillars of Islam is principally based on charity; Zakat. The act of giving donations to those less fortunate than you is exceptionally admired by Allah (SWT). Although it does not weigh which charity you shortlist to hand your donations to as long as your intention (niyat) is pure and virtuous.

Yet, the responsibility of determining which charity is trustworthy enough to hand over your donations falls on your shoulders. For this purpose, you can choose Ekplatebiryani without having any doubts in your mind. This is because Ekplatebiryani operates transparently by giving solid proofs of each and every operation carried out by donations.

Since 2019, when Ekplatbiryani came into being it has been helping people all around the world in numerous countries. Ekplatebiryani has expanded its operation in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Uganda, and India with the help of your generous donations that tend to continually pour in.

However, if you are dubious about the fact that a charity is not spending your donated money for a good cause. Here are a few markers that you should be mindful of in order to determine charities that actually help.

Be Aware of Your Rights

Did you know? There is a Donor bill of rights, created in order to protect the donations of people who generously donate money and other resources for alleviating poverty and hunger from the globe. Most people are unaware of this fact. Hence they end up getting scammed by fraud charities.

The primary purpose of the Donor bill of rights is to make sure that donors know where their donated money is going. Every donor around the world has a right to know and inquire about where their donations are utilized. For this very reason, since the beginning, Ekplatebiryani has believed in giving solid proof along with pictures and videos of projects carried out by donated funds.

Examine the Charity Beforehand

When making donations you are not sure nor do you know much about the operations carried out by a specific charity. This is why it is highly essential for you to research a little about the background of the charity. This will help you to determine how authentic that charity is.

It is your utmost responsibility to make sure that each penny you donate is going to a valid non-profit organization that works for the well-being of underprivileged people. Know and inspect everything you need to know about the projects and charitable acts carried out by Ekplatebiryani.

Inquire About Basic Information to be Sure

How to find out where charity money goes? This is a question of high importance that you need to ask yourself before trusting any charity with your donations. One simple way to leave no room for any doubt while choosing a charity is to inquire about basic information related to that charity such as the official name, address, contact details, and whether the charity is registered or not.

You can research everything that you wish to know regarding the credentials and contact information about Ekplatebiryani prior to trusting us with your generous donations.

Request for a Duplicate Annual Report

Whether you are donating to a charity in the form of cash or any other resources such as food, clothes, water, or shoes. You should always request a yearly report that clearly shows the progress and charitable activities conducted by that charity all year long. For some charities, the annual report is available online on their homepages for potential donors to go through.

Likewise, Ekplatebiryani consistently posts updates and progress of operations conducted with the collected funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Quran say about donation?

The Quran continually reminds us to give back. A verse present in the Quran states that there is a recognized right of the needy and deprived over our wealth. This proves how much the Quran stresses charitable acts along with donating wholeheartedly with pure intentions.

What does Prophet Muhammad say about charity?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once asserted that ‘ A man is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour is hungry. That makes it quite evident that you can not be a true believer until you are not involved in charity or you do not feel the pain of people less fortunate than you.

What does the Quran say about helping the poor?

It has been mentioned in the Quran that ‘whatever you spend, He will replace it, and He is the best of the providers’. This verse claims that whatever amount a man spends on charity will be given back to him doubled. Moreover, the Quran has made the share of the needy a significant portion of one’s wealth.

Wrapping Up

To conclude all the aforementioned pointers we must say, it is highly essential for you to run a check for the legitimacy of the charity you are considering for handing over your donations. Even though your pure intention is something that weighs the most. Yet, what is the point of giving donations if they are not being utilized for the welfare of mankind, right?

Each and every penny that you donate has the potential to bring about a change that might alleviate poverty globally, this is why it is crucial for you to determine whether your funds are going into the right hands or not.

Lastly, apart from all the above-mentioned markers, you must make sure that the website and information of that charity are secured from hackers. This will ensure that your bank account details and credit card credentials are not harmed in any way while making donations.

Allah (SWT) is the knower of seen and unseen, hence your niyat counts the most. May you be able to donate to a trustworthy charity that deems itself accountable for each and every penny collected.


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