Jugnoo's Story

Best Friends - Together Forever.

Today, we want to introduce you to a little girl and her best friend. Say Hi to Jugnoo! Jugnoo is a lively little girl of ten… She lives in a village in Thar with her family. In case you don’t know, it is common for people in Thar to have livestock…..

In this picture, you can see Jugnoo with her best friend, Babloo.

Jugnoo, however, is unusually attached to this little baby goat. Her only time away from Babloo is when she is in school… Jugnoo lives in a remote village where underground water levels are very low… And, the village needs a solar hand pump which has not been possible for them so far. Womenfolk have to go another village to bring back water… When her mother and sisters bring water from another village, and even though the quantity is limited…
Jugnoo makes sure her friend, Bubloo, gets at least some every day. In a couple of years, Jugnoo’s primary education will be completed and she will be joining her mother and sisters to bring water for the family… She says she wants her Bubloo to live a long, healthy life… And, for that she is willing to walk hours to bring water for him and her family. We want to ease that for her… And install a hand pump within their village… To give Jugnoo a chance to continue her education… And to help the two best friends live a healthy life together.