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Support Skills Training in One Of The World's Largest Slums

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Nestled on the outskirts of Karachi lies one of the biggest slums in the world: Orangi Town…

A home for 2.4 million Pakistanis dealing with the daily struggles of survival…

The sight that greets their eyes everyday is a scene full of mountains of garbage…

Crumbling walls, pockets of violence, the grip of drug abuse, homelessness, and lack of job opportunities to make ends meet…

All woven together in the fabric of this difficult reality.

The children struggle to learn due to their challenging circumstances…

Forced into a life they did not choose.

Even their parents, those pillars of guidance, are unable to read and write,
And women are denied the basic right to education and employment,
Trapped in a relentless cycle of illiteracy and hopelessness…

But let’s be clear about one thing – it is not their fault.

They are victims of a system that has failed to support those in need.

Together, we can break the chains & empower those in Orangi Town.


Fundamental Support:

Donate $50 to support a student take the first step by sponsoring education for a month.

Full Support:

Lend one student your full support for an entire course with only $200. Change a life.

Change Two Lives:

Change two lives by contributing $400 and help them live better, respectable lives.

Break the Chains of Hopelessness Through
Vocational Training

In a world where equality and rights are frequently demanded, 

Orangi Town remains a place with limited access to good education and skill-building programs for women especially. 

About 50% of the women in Orangi Town have never attended school

Most women face restricted access to formal education…

Education and a worthy skillset can change their lives for the better

In this corner of Karachi, 

The women are confined to household chores, their true talents remaining hidden…

And the men are settling for jobs that fail to ignite their potential.

But the spirit of these people prevails. 

They strive to make their mark on the local economy…

Defying the odds stacked against them. 

For example, 35-year-old Naseera’s remarkable journey is worth mentioning here.

Naseera is a mother of three. Her husband works as an electrician. He works hard but the wages are below the minimum.

Together, as a family, they were struggling to make ends meet.

Naseera was forced to take her eldest two children out of school due to financial constraints…

It was in these desperate times, she learnt to stitch and do hand embroidery.

She got a job at a local garment factory for stitching.

Soon with determination, Naseera honed her skills and managed to buy her own sewing machine.

She now earns enough to support her household and send her children back to school…

Her inspiring journey reminds the community that skill can overcome any obstacle.

How Can You Enable Progress For
The People Of Orangi Town?

Your boundless generosity has the power to create an extraordinary difference in the lives of Orangi Town’s people.

No matter how small your contribution may be.

EK Plate Biryani has opened a skills training center, called MissionTech, with two separate sections in Orangi Town to help its men and women acquire new skills,

That will unlock pathways to better opportunities and livelihoods, 

And above all, a stronger sense of self.

Information Technology

For Women & Men

The people in Orangi Town have talents, dreams, ambitions, and the will to work hard.
The only thing they lack are the opportunities to learn worthy skills.

Consider a man who has the potential to become a tech whiz, with dreams of achieving greatness in this field…

When he gets hold of the right chances, he will make it big in the world.


Picture a mother eager to learn embroidery, using any spare moment when her children are asleep to master the craft.

And once she is skilled, she could create beautiful dresses and stitches, providing a means to support her family’s needs and her children’s education.

They deserve these chances!

Through this project, the people of Orangi Town have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills in Information Technology.

This step can open doors to higher-paying jobs, improve their future and get a chance to give a better life to their next generation.

Here are the courses we offer:

  • Graphic design
  • Audio editing
  • Office automation
  • Digital marketing

Industrial Skills

For Women

Learning transferable, vocational skills can liberate women from the shadows of domestic
abuse and financial insecurity…

Your help can free them from the suffocating grip of economic dependence on other members
of their family..

Step into this journey as we provide courses designed to help Orangi Town’s women. 

These women can gain access to learning practical industrial skills, to help develop skills and bring out their talents…

…shielding them from the clutches of violence, abuse, and poverty.

Here are courses we offer:

  • Stitching
  • Embroidery
  • Henna application

This Will Be Sadaqa Jariya For You

A little push will change their lives and that of their generations.

Be a part of supporting beneficial knowledge.

The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) said:

In Orangi Town, Your Support Will Be
Cherished For Eternity

Completing each course takes four months, equipping the people with the necessary skills to be “job-ready.”

With just $200, you will empower a student’s dreams for a better life.

They’ll access resources and knowledge, and discover a sense of purpose.

With $200, and change lives significantly by sponsoring an entire course for 1 student. 

This small investment can transform their lives.

Here’s how an individual’s life can change in in just 4 Months through vocational training:

Month 1

Your support ignites a passion for learning.

The student gains confidence and sets goals.

Month 2

As the second month arrives, the student excels academically, fueled by your belief in them.

Month 3

In the third month, they become part of a supportive community, overcoming challenges together.

Month 4

By the fourth month, the impact is amazing.

The student’s life has transformed, and a brighter life awaits. InshaAllah

Beyond 4 Months

Your contribution lasts a lifetime. As the student succeeds, they inspire others, creating a lasting impact.

They are living fulfilling lives for themselves and with their families…

Perhaps finally having the opportunity to land higher paying jobs with their newfound skills,

All thanks to your support!

Donate for the cause to change lives today!

Fundamental Support:

Donate $50 to support a student take the first step by sponsoring education for a month.

Full Support:

Lend one student your full support for an entire course with only $200. Change a life.

Change Two Lives:

Change two lives by contributing $400 and help them live better, respectable lives.