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The Ordinary People Behind Ek Plate Biryani

We are a diverse team, coming together from various parts of the world to help those in need.
Our eligibility criteria are: compassion, honesty, and a love for biryani!

The People Behind Ek Plate Biryani

We are a diverse team, coming together from various parts of the world to help those in need.
Our eligibility criteria are: compassion, honesty, and a love for biryani!

Bilal A.

Here’s Bilal – the founder and the CEO, and our key decision maker – he dreamt about this organization and then worked hard to turn his dream into reality.

Having traveled the world extensively, Bilal observed the socio-economic divides in the world and decided to play his part in bringing a change. What started with his personal charity turned into a platform and thousands of people joined his mission.

Other than his association with EPB, he is an entrepreneur and a pro at Muay Thai.

Anum F.

Chief Operations Officer at Ek Plate Biryani, Anum is a multi-tasker. She has been writing for the organization as well as overseeing operations to ensure things run smoothly.

She is a person of many colors, loves variety, and moves fast. She loves books, animals, martial arts, mountains, and everything with salted caramel

Azghan S.

Our head of operations who is always on the field. A full-time student and a full-time member at EPB, Azghan is an energetic soul who manages his time efficiently. He is looking to make his place in the world and leave a huge impact during his time here.

Mehmood K.

Mehmood, a philanthropist at heart, is with us as our Operations Manager. He has an incredible personality that helps people be at ease around him. He tries to lend a hand to any and every individual he comes across.

Sufyan S.

Although his business keeps him on his toes, he always takes out time for EPB and those in need. Kind-hearted and humble, Sufyan is one of our esteemed volunteers. His sole reason for joining EPB has been to help bring relief to people.

Ladie P.

Ladie is one of the key marketing persons. She is the one who increases our reach on social media channels and introduces people to us. She is headstrong and won’t let things slide, making sure her work is always on point.

When not working, Ladie can be found freediving, working out, or engaged in extreme sports.

Shehryar I.

Shehryar is a law student during the day, a writer in the evening, and a competitive sports enthusiast by night. He keeps himself busy with law school, sports, and pretty much everything else. Philanthropy had been deep-rooted in him from a young age, and has always longed to give back to society in every possible way.

Faris S.

This shy young fellow is a true creative and a workaholic.

Faris loves tech and dreams of starting his own software house one day. He is also a genius with video editing; you see his magic on our social media handles very often.

Arsalan M.

Meet Arsalan – our guy behind the lens. He is calm, creative, and good at making people smile. He loves capturing love, joy, and everything in between.

Over the last few years, his work has taken him across the country. He says, and we quote, "My life begins at aperture 2.8".

Akash A.

Akash holds an authority in tech. He is always working to keep the technical side of the organization smooth and give you all the best possible experience on our website.

Friendly and a true extrovert by nature, his interests other than all-things-tech are food, cricket, and traveling.

Laiba A.

Laiba is a tiny girl with big dreams. She helps automate things at Ek Plate Biryani to make the digital operations efficient.

She could not realize her ambitions of being a pilot, but her ambitions are as high as the stars; we are sure she will achieve her goals.

Akash R.

Akash R. is our web developer with a keen aesthetic sense. He is always striving for perfection and uniqueness in life as well as on web pages. He is a combination of good aesthetics, great tech skills, and compassion.

A nature and a tech enthusiast simultaneously, Akash is another gem of an addition to our EPB team.

Yara A.

Yara is a barista-turned-copywriter with a love of all things art.

Having always had the talent of words, at the age of 10, she used to alchemize her emotions by illustrating comic strips of a dinosaur named Jorge (because she couldn't spell George at the time) and writing poetry and songs.

She tries to see the good in everyone, and strives to protect every furry friend she can by carrying a baggy of dry cat/dog food in her purse wherever she goes.

Eri S.

Big time coffee lover and a strong leader, Eri is our vigilant manager ensuring the entire team is always on the same page and is working smoothly. With her smart tactics, she keeps any friction at bay.

We are a happy team with Eri around.

Ibrahim M.

Ibrahim is our business development manager. He is working on novel ways to bring EPB a notch up. His work will help us expand our scope of work with better, finer methods.

A sports freak, a great talker, and always a helping hand, Ibrahim is a proud addition to our team.

Shurooq R.

Shurooq is the person who speaks to you when you dial EPB’s number. She loves to travel and is ambitious about making it big in the aviation industry.

When she is not working or traveling, she spends her time playing badminton.
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