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Nowadays, there are several options available for individuals who want to engage in charitable activities for changing the lives of millions of struggling families. With Ekplatebiryani you can play your part in changing lives by making donations or taking out your time for volunteering.

There are countless individuals and families who have been suffering greatly due to poverty. Millions of underprivileged people have been suffering for years due to a number of reasons such as wars, conflict, natural disasters, and financial instability in general. These people have no resources and they can not possibly help themselves out of poverty. All they are left with is a lifetime of misery with no way out.

Now let’s move on to the good part, Ekplatebiryani as an NGO has become a ray of sunshine in the miserable lives of struggling families. Ekplatebiryani has been working tirelessly in changing lives of thousands of people who can not help themselves come out of poverty.

Be it in terms of financial aid or provision of food and water resources Ekplatebiryani has always played an integral part in changing lives. Luckily, you can also become a part of this journey for changing lives. But before we move on to that, let us go through a few causes that drive people into homelessness and render them unable to live their life with ease.

Causes of Homelessness

There are various causes of homelessness. We will be discussing a few root causes in order to gain a better understanding of how we can play our part in changing lives of homeless people.

1. Extremely Low Wages

On one end the expense of living has skyrocketed, while on the other end the wages haven’t. This is the number one cause of homelessness. Due to low wages, people who are already struggling to make ends meet are forced into homelessness. They are simply unable to afford the cost of a shelter.

2. Large Scale Unemployment

Apart from extremely low wages, unemployment on a massive scale is another factor that greatly contributes to homelessness. Reasons for unemployment vary from country to country, however, the effects are almost the same. It is quite obvious, isn’t it? Due to the absence of a stable income source, how is it even possible to afford shelter?

3. Lack of Affordable Properties

The lack of affordable property options is an issue faced globally. A survey conducted globally revealed that among 200 polled cities, 90% of the options were found to be unaffordable by the masses. That means that the average house cost was thrice the average income.

Due to such high prices of housing, masses find themselves unable to afford one. Resultantly, they are forced to face homelessness.

4. Poverty

As it is quite obvious poverty is the fundamental cause of homelessness. People who are living below the line of property find it extremely challenging to make ends meet, let alone afford shelter. All the above-mentioned factors combined, contribute to poverty that eventually results in homelessness.

Ekplatebiryani: Passion for Changing Lives

Ekplatebiryani was founded back in May 2019 with the fundamental aim of changing the lives of struggling families throughout the world. Since then, Ekplatebiryani has been changing lives by carrying out various welfare projects. Through constant efforts and generous donations, we have been changing lives together with our supporters.

To date, we have provided 113 villages with clean long-term water solutions. Apart from that, more than 70,000 people have been provided with food resources through our platform.

Support Changing Lives Foundations to Help the Needy

As you all know, since the very start Ekplatebiryani has been operating as a changing lives foundation for helping the needy. In case you want to become a part of our journey for changing lives together, you can easily contribute with just a click of a donate button.

You can play your part in changing lives by supporting welfare projects of Ekplatebiryani such as food drives, food distribution, monthly ration, and installation of water hand pumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do changing lives do?

Changing lives supports and aids struggling people who have been facing homelessness, deteriorating mental health, addictions, and long-term unemployment due to severe financial constraints.

What is Changing Lives program?

The changing lives program is a program that empowers and guides young people in order to navigate themselves from bad to good. Moreover, as the name suggests, the changing lives program works for changing lives of millions of families who have been struggling due to financial instability.

How can I change my life?

In order to change your life, you need to start practising things that are beyond your comfort level such as traveling to new places and adopting a habit that requires effort but it is good for you in the long term. You simply need to do the things that bring you immense happiness and betterment for your future.


It is high time that you reflect upon your privilege and undertakes actions for changing lives of millions of people struggling every single day. In order to play your part in changing lives, you have several options such as volunteering your time or donating funds. If you are passionate about changing lives, Ekplatebiryani would be beyond elated to welcome you on board.

You can easily become a part of Ekplatebiryani from the comfort of your home, simply donate online and reap benefits.


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