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July 1, 2024
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Be Among The Best By Offering Food To Those Who Don’t Ask For It

Many white collar families are finding it difficult to put food on their tables due to the ever-rising inflation. Your neighbor, friend, or relative could be among them. Out of shame, they never ask for help. But you can offer discreet help.

Prophet Of Allah (S.A.W) said,

Bronze Support


Support 12 people (2 families) for an entire month with grocery for only $100.

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Silver Support


Support 4 families (24 people) for an entire month with food bags for only $200.

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Gold Support


Support 10 families (60 people) for an entire month with food bags for only $500.

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Platinum Support


Support 20 families (120 people) for an entire month with food bags for only $1000.

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Almost every day, we receive calls from people who feel like failing…

There have been a rise in suicidal incidents because the head of the family could not meet his children’s eyes after another day without food.

Child labor is increasing.

Children, as young as 13, from middle class families are forced to quit schools and support their families.

These young children, who were brought up with love and lots of pampering, are forced to face the cruel world for food.

They are white collar families who shy away from charities.

They have worked all their lives to maintain their dignities.

Support struggling white collar families with discreet food aid

There are many reasons these families need our help.

They might not speak up because they feel ashamed. 

They were always the ones giving in charity, and now when the times are tough, asking for help for themselves feels shameful. 

Our job is to help them maintain their dignity, just like we want for ourselves. 

That’s how we make the world better, after all. 

When they’re grateful, you’ll feel the warmth and blessings of their duas for you.


Parents have been withdrawing their children from schools…

…because a lot of people are losing their jobs.

The middle class has been greatly affected by inflation. 

It’s extremely difficult for them to meet their basic needs.

When faced with such circumstances, food and a roof over the head become the main focus.

As a result, schools are experiencing a significant decrease in enrollment.

In these tough times, many once-helping hands now need help. 

We receive numerous calls daily from people in need of temporary support to feed their families.

Ek Plate Biryani, supported by our donors, discreetly delivers food bags every month to verified recipients who genuinely require help.

Primary breadwinners are losing jobs due to inflation
Those who used to be self-sufficient need your support.

These families always try to avoid charities.

They struggle with feelings of guilt and humiliation when they have to accept help from others.

Standing in queues outside a charity organization is their worst nightmare.

They cling to the hope that maybe someday, the economic challenges will ease.

There’s a persistent worry about their children growing up reliant on charity which they desperately want to avoid.

They’re determined to raise their kids with dignity, self-reliance, and independence.

These are the main reasons they distance themselves from accepting charity, and we can’t fault them for it.

These are the main reasons that leave them suffering in silence…

These families are accustomed to the life they’ve known for most of their days.

Finding themselves in a position of need was never expected.

They need a silent hand of support from us.

In a hadith, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said,

The Solutions Offered by Ek Plate Biryani

To ensure the comfort of these families, we have come up with some simple solutions. 

With your support, we deliver food bags that can last them an entire month, right to their doorstep. 

This way, they don’t have to stand in line and feel uncomfortable.

Instead of taking their pictures, we ask for their signatures and ID card numbers to keep matters private. 

This helps them maintain their dignity and pride.

The food we provide is high-quality,

And each bag can feed a family of 6 to 8 people…

It’s all about making sure they have what they need while respecting their privacy and self-respect.


Food ItemsQuantityCost
Mung lentils1kg$2
Bengal gram lentils1kg$2
Black gram lentils1kg$2
Yellow lentils1kg$2
Tea Leaves250grams$2
Cooking Oil3kg$4
Salt and spices$2
Packaging, Transportation, Labour, and miscellaneous costs$21
*The prices have been converted and rounded off.

Extend your support today

The families who once extended their helping hands to others,

Now find themselves in need of help…

You have the opportunity to make a difference by donating for their food for a month.

You can also give these bags in honor of a loved one by donating for 4 or more bags. Each of these bags will be carefully prepared with your loved one’s name on them…

And then they will be personally delivered to the doorsteps of verified families facing hardships.

To keep you in the loop and show the impact of your contribution,

We will share pictures of these bags with you via email.

It’s a meaningful way to lend support to those who are in need…

And honor your loved ones.

Your help will reach the deserving family with care and discretion, with rewards written by Allah in your favor. InshaAllah