June 28, 2024
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July 1, 2024

The Happiness Project: Simple Acts To Bring Smiles To Faces

What might seem small to us means the world to those in need. The Happiness Project is all about sharing happiness through little things.

In Pakistan, many families are forced to get by on $2 a day.
To Put This Into Perspective…
$2 Can Buy Things Like A Greeting Card, A Bag Of Chips, Or Candies In America.
However, In Pakistan, It’s What Families Heavily Rely On To Put Food On The Table.

Gift Two Pairs
of Shoes

$40 ensures two children receive a comfortable pair of shoes or jackets each to protect them while they run, play, and explore.


A Week's Earnings
For 5

Your $70 can ease the lives of 5 street vendors for a week with extra income to encourage their hardwork.

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Gift Four Bags of Groceries

$200 provides a month’s worth of food rations to support four families of 6 members each, ensuring they have nourishing meals on their table.

Donate $200

Gift Two

$400 can transform two lives by providing wheelchairs to people with walking disabilities.

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Visiting these slums feels like landing in another world.
They live right in the center of big cities, but they do not have proper homes, any form of electricity, water, or gas supply.
These communities live in makeshift houses made from tree branches on open land.
Having a full, good meal is something they hardly ever get.

These children, too, should have the opportunity to grow up with the same pure happiness we often take for granted.
So when they face life’s challenges as adults, they can turn to cherished memories of their dearest toys,

And the hearty feast they had instead of stale roti.

Your pocket change of $5 can make someone's day

You have the power to make a significant impact with just a $5 donation, bringing warmth and smiles to the deserving people of Pakistan.

Here's how each dollar you contribute can light up someone's day:

Meet Jamal and Aisha, the bestest of friends. 
They’ve lived next door to each other since they were little, and they’ve always been each other’s playmates.
These little kids help their mothers with household chores, fetching water from a nearby stream and finding scrap metal to sell.
And when the sun is high…
They dash around the village. They skip stones, fly kites made from whatever material they could find, and play hopscotch… 

They do all this without any shoes to protect their feet or warm clothing, even when the weather is cold…

Think about the smiles on their faces when they have shoes or jackets, letting them play all the way until the sun goes down.

Rahim is the breadwinner of a family of 6, with his wife Farida who stays at home to care for their children.
Their meager income barely covers the essentials,Leaving them with little more than stale roti and lentils for meals…
The relentless tide of inflation has washed over thousands of families in Karachi and Peshawar,
Making the poor even poorer…
In this unforgiving economic climate, even $50 can be a significant lifeline for a family trying to survive in a city where every day is a struggle.


Meet Sumbal, a kind and resilient 14-year-old girl in a village near Peshawar.
She has mental and physical challenges.
She cannot walk.
Her life is a stark contrast to ours…
She cannot play or run like other kids.
Her father works as a laborer and makes pottery to support their family.
Since Sumbal cannot walk, they have always had to carry her.

A wheelchair has been a distant luxury that her family cannot afford.
She endures pain or remains confined at home for weeks, unless one of her family members is available to assist her.
For just $200, you can change lives like Sumbal’s by providing the gift of mobility.