May 27, 2024
Sahil & Hakam
May 27, 2024
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Best Friends - Together Forever.

Let us introduce you to a little girl and her best friend.

Say Hi to Jugnoo!

Jugnoo is a lively little girl of ten. She lives in a village in Thar with her family.

Jugnoo found a special little friend in a baby goat her family owns.

Her only time away from Babloo is when she is in school.

Jugnoo lives in a remote village where underground water levels are very low. And, the village needed a solar hand pump which the poor vilaers could not afford on their own. Womenfolk had to go another village to bring back water.

Whenever Jugnoo's mother and sisters would bring water from another village, even when the quantity was limited, Jugnoo always made sure her friend, Bubloo, had at least some every day.

We installed a solar handpump in the village to support little girls like Jugnoo and little goats like Bubloo. With ample water, Jugnoo happily sees her friend get his fill whenever he wants! 

In a couple of years, Jugnoo’s primary education will be completed and she will be joining her mother and sisters for household chores.

But she will not have to give up on her education for water. InshaAllah.

Jugnoo and Bubloo play during her free time and living the simple, beautiful life Jugnoo dreamt of.