May 27, 2024
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July 1, 2024
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From Passion to Purpose:

My Journey with Ek Plate Biryani

Neha lives in Thar in a mud house, with her parents and siblings.
In her village, the weather is scorching hot most of the year with no water readily available.
Electricity and gas supply cannot even be dreamt of.
And, in such tough conditions lives our young friend Neha… a child with a smile on her face all the time.
For a 10-year-old child in our part of the world, each day revolves around studies and recreational games…
But, that’s not how Neha’s days go by.
She attends school in the morning; at home, once done with her school homework, she collects firewood and fetches water in earthenware pots… 
It takes her an hour to bring water sufficient for only ONE person! 
These activities take up her entire day…
And she gets exhausted to the bone every night from carrying heavy pots of water for hours.
Like almost all Tharis, Neha is a peaceful, content child, who never complains. It seems like she has accepted her fate that she will always have to live a life around water…
But, should it be that way?
Should children be robbed of their innocent childhood to take up such huge responsibilities?
Although people in Thar accept life and its difficulties, they do wish for ease and relief.
Since getting basic necessities take up all their time, they cannot progress in life.
Did you know that Tharis are very willing to get their boys as well as girls educated if the resources allow…?
But, when you lack such a basic necessity as water, education becomes a luxury.
This is what we want to change.
This is what we want to change. We are trying to play our part in bringing basic relief to them — as the first step towards the betterment of life in general in
Thar. And, you have been a source of relief to many people.
Every time a penny is donated, every time the word about this project is spread, you and generous souls like you pave the way for us to help more Tharis.
Your kindness has helped many girls like Neha get relief with long-term clean water solutions within their villages… And, opened for them a path for a better future.