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July 1, 2024
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July 2, 2024

Participate In A Powerful
Act Of Sadqa-E-Jariya

Help us save the people dying of thirst in Thar

In Thar, Hundreds Of Children Lose Their Lives Every Year Because Of Insufficient Food And Water.

You can contribute to a lasting solution while earning the rewards of ongoing charity for you and your family…

…by helping us install water hand pumps.

Gold Bucket

Donate $100 to contribute to a deep-well hand pump for people in Thar to get access to clean drinking water.

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Add Your

Your $200 can change the lives of hundreds of people by giving them access to clean water every day.

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Share A
Hand Pump

With $600, you can help hundreds of drought-stricken people live healthy, normal lives!

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Hand pump with
your or your
loved one’s name

Your $1200 will change the destiny of the people of Thar. This will be a charity that will continue to benefit these people for years.

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Can you imagine having no water to drink?

…or to cook or wash your face?

Or, the only option is dirty, muddy, diseased water to give to your child or bathe her…? The people in Thar do not have to imagine it;

It is something they face every single day.

Their lives are unimaginably miserable.

The absence of clean water in Thar leads to heartbreaking situations…

…leading to diseases and deaths…

…where parents have to witness their children dying in their arms every day.

They are helpless.

They live in constant fear of losing another child.

Clean Water and The Struggles in Thar

The lack of clean water in a place goes beyond what meets the eye.

  1. Impossible to maintain proper hygiene
  2. Insufficient food leading to malnutrition, especially in children
  3. Diseases caused by contaminated water
  4. Low immunity; higher diseases rates
  5. Less time for education and work
  6. Low quality of life

The lack of clean water keeps them in a cycle of poverty.

Thar has been suffering from famine for many years.

A shocking 76% of Tharis have no food available in their homes…

And their situation is still a long way from improving.

Women in the area are typically responsible for collecting water.

Women in the area are typically responsible for collecting water. They walk 3 to 4 kilometers daily to bring water from other villages or closeby cities.

Even children have to help their parents gather and carry heavy jugs of water to their homes.

This duty occupies their mornings. And forcing most of them to quit school.​

Children do not deserve to bear the burden of water scarcity and sacrifice their childhood.

No one does.

Your Support

Clean Water and The Struggles in Thar

They bring water sufficient for the day and store it in containers at room temperature.
These practices give rise to water-borne diseases.

Clean drinking water is the main difference between a good life and a life full of challenges for the people in Thar.

According to research, access to clean water can lower diseases and death rates in Thar by 40%!

Access to these necessities is CRUCIAL for people to take care of themselves…

One Thari woman named Sawutri shared her heartbreaking story…

Her husband earned only $37 a month working as a laborer in Karachi.

Despite exhaustion from walking miles every day to collect water for her family,

Sawutri did everything she could to feed her malnourished children, including one who was very close to death.

However, thanks to several NGOs installing water wells and hand pumps all across Thar, Sawutri’s village was among the fortunate ones to receive help.

The water ultimately saved her child’s life.

Even though he had to be hospitalized, access to water was crucial in saving his life, according to his doctors.

Water and food shortages continue to be a painful reality for the people of Thar, With no end in sight.

Day after day, they face the challenge of survival.

And hundreds of women like Sawutri, continue to struggle.

They are in desperate need of help.

How Can You Lend A Hand?

There is only one solution to all their problems: Water.

They need water to survive.

And they cannot do it without our support.

They need help installing water hand pumps so that they can have easy access to clean water within their village.

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Deep-Well Water Hand Pumps For Charity:

Lasting 15 to 20 Years Insha’Allah

Ek Plate Biryani is installing deep-well hand pumps in Tharparkar
District. Each hand pump goes down to 110 – 150 feet.

Highlighted benefits of these hand pumps are:

And Also For You...

The rewards of your contribution will continue…
For every single drop of water consumed by the Thari people…

Even after you pass away

A perpetual act of good that will continue to accumulate blessings

Throughout your life and beyond, even after your passing.

You can also install or contribute in the name of a cherished loved one…

Multiplying the blessings for both them AND you.

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Leaving No Stone Unturned

We deeply appreciate the several NGOs tirelessly working to help overcome water shortages and famine in Thar…

But, we noticed that most hand pumps installed in Thar are only 50 to 70 feet deep,

Which puts them at risk of running dry within a few months.

Our goal is to provide the Thari people with a sustainable, long-term solution…

…that will last for years to come.

Frame (80)

Our team has been installing hand pumps that are 110 to 150 feet deep

Frame (81)

We take care of annual maintenance for each of the hand pumps

Layer_1 (54)

Regular QA checks by teams from another city

Layer_5 (5)

illagers are provided with our contact details in case there is a major breakdown

With this approach, we are trying our best to provide the Thari
people with an uninterrupted supply of water

For the next 20 years and beyond.

May Allah help us.

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What Does The Handpump Cost?
Get a hand pump installed in your name or in
honor of your loved one

By sponsoring a hand pump in your or your loved one’s name…

…you can send rewards for them when they need them the most.

There is no better way to honor someone than this.

To ensure that the hand pump is created under the desired name, kindly drop us an email at support@ekplatebiryani.com or chat with us via our website and leave us a note specifying the name you want on the pump.

We’d love to share with you the visuals of the hand pumps that proudly bear your or your loved one’s name.
We will send over pictures and videos of these life-changing installations as soon as it is done.

If you can’t sponsor a hand pump entirely on your own, it is okay…
Any contribution, big or small, is more than welcome.

It will allow you to be a part of this beautiful act of kindness. 


Join us in making a difference and bringing access to 
clean water to those in need.

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