May 27, 2024
Abul Alam
May 27, 2024
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Thatched Roof, A Torn Book, And Big Dreams

Sahil and Hakam are inseparable brothers.

They do everything together, from sharing meals to going to bed at the same time.

They live in Tharparkar, where it is typical for men to leave their homes to work for wages…

Their mother stays at home to take care of the household chores…

And both the brothers help their mothers with tasks like collecting wood for cooking and other small chores.

Although they are still young, Sahil and Hakam are incredibly hardworking, just like many other kids in Thar.

Hakam attends school, while Sahil remains at home with their mother.

When Hakam started school, it was a big change for both of them, as they rarely spent any time apart.

Sahil missed him and insisted that he wanted to study as well.

It was hard for her mother to explain that they could not afford to send both the kids to school.

Even though the education was free, she could not bear the expense of books and other supplies.

However, Hakam always found the time to teach Sahil everything he learnt at school, including basic math and the alphabet.

Soon after Hakam finished grade 2, their parents eventually started considering the painful option of discontinuing Hakam’s education so he could assist them in fetching water.

This is a common problem in Thar.

Most children have to help their families by bringing water from other villages or closeby urban regions.

The nearest source of water was a 4-hour walk away from Hakam’s village.

Water is a crucial component of daily survival.

So we understand that making sacrifices is sometimes the parents’ only option, no matter how painful it is.

We realized that we could help families like Sahil and Hakam’s live a respectable life, get access to clean water and food, and give the kids a joyous childhood they were entitled to.

So we installed a hand pump in their village, which was only five minutes away from their home.

Not only has it helped Hakam continue his education,

But it has also encouraged their parents to send Sahil to school with him.

No one is left behind…

The benefits that a simple hand pump nearby has brought to their lives have been amazing.

The children now have more time to play and study together…

While their mother had sufficient water resources to plant crops and make even more delicious food that they could eat and sell.

This would not have been possible without your help.

Let us continue to team up to end the Thar water crisis and provide more time for families and children like Sahil and Hakam to bond, maintain their health, education, and happiness, as is our humanly deserving right.