Poverty, Hunger, and Disease: 3 Deadly Interlinked Concepts

poverty-hunger-and-disease-the-silent Killers

Have you ever wondered what are the top 3 problems that the world needs to tackle on a priority basis in order to prevent the devastating effects? If poverty, hunger, and disease came to your mind against this question, you have it all figured out! Without a doubt, one can confidently label poverty, hunger, and disease as silent killers that the world needs to take notice of before it’s too late.

A large chunk of the world population is either suffering from poverty, hunger, or disease in one way or another. One point to notice here is that all three of these deadly problems are greatly interlinked. Poverty, hunger, and disease all three of these go hand in hand. This is why it is quite crucial to take measures regarding the alleviation of all three instead of just focusing on one problem.

Let’s quickly go over a few facts and figures regarding poverty, hunger, and disease along with gaining an understanding of the causes of each problem respectively.

How Poverty is Killing People?

Poverty is the root cause of every single problem faced by human beings be it disease or hunger, poverty is responsible for causing great harm in various aspects of one’s life. In fact, poverty is often linked with inhumane living conditions such as poor nutrition, lack of shelter, shortage of clean drinking water, lack of access to quality healthcare, high-risk neighborhoods, and neglected education.

As a result of poverty, all these living conditions together contribute to the loss of life in large numbers. It has been estimated that poverty claims the lives of 1.5 million people annually. This is truly a nerve-wrecking figure.

Now, you might wonder what are the causes behind this continually growing poverty in the world? The causes of poverty may vary from region to region, however, in general, the root causes of poverty are discussed below:

The fundamental cause of poverty is obviously the lack of jobs and low wages, another cause that greatly contributes to poverty is the lack of quality education for all. Then comes the conflict and war conditions, which is another factor highly responsible for creating chaos and poverty.

Apart from these, social injustice, lack of government support, sudden shifts in climatic conditions, natural disasters, and lack of infrastructure are factors that result in multi-directional poverty.

How Hunger is Killing People?

It has been reported that globally 25,000 people lose their lives per day due to the ever-growing hunger statistic in the world. Hunger can be labeled as one of the top effects of poverty and vice versa. Most people suffering from financial instability and insecurity are vulnerable to hunger-related issues.

In simpler words, financial insecurity is directly proportional to food insecurity. Obviously, one who doesn’t have the means to afford proper meals twice a day will eventually face grave effects of hunger.

A large number of people lose their lives each year due to starvation and the loss of important nutrients that one needs in order to survive. In addition to that, due to the absence of proper nutrition, these people no longer have the energy to fight off deadly infections caused by multiple bacteria and viruses.

Now let’s briefly go over the key causes of hunger:

As mentioned above, poverty is the root cause of hunger. Apart from poverty, a severe lack of usable water also greatly contributes to hunger as it adversely affects crop production. Furthermore, gender inequality, social injustice, war, and natural disasters are a few factors that contribute to global hunger.

How Disease is Killing People?

One shared catastrophic effect of hunger and poverty is a disease. People who are malnourished or who lack the means to afford quality healthcare are the most vulnerable to various types of diseases. In fact, lack of clean drinking water also contributes to diseases related deaths. People who are faced with severe water shortages are forced to drink water from unsafe water sources, as a result, they end up with various water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea.

According to the World Health Organisation, an estimated of around 3.4 million people die each year as a result of multiple water-borne illnesses. Furthermore, around 9 million people die annually due to hunger-related diseases.

There is a multitude of causes that contribute to ceaseless statistics of diseases globally. For instance stagnant sources of water, consumption of unhygienic food, substandard living conditions, poor housing, and a poor environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is poverty a silent killer?

Yes, poverty is indeed a silent killer that keeps on killing millions of people around the globe. The world needs to immediately realize the graveness of the devastating effects that poverty has been causing all around the world.

Is hunger the silent killer?

Hunger is truly the silent killer, in fact, hunger is responsible for claiming more lives annually, each day, and each month as compared to any other factor including conflict, natural disasters, and HIV. Hunger is often cited as a silent killer because it doesn\’t get the same attention as other issues get.

Is disease the silent killer?

The top 3 diseases such as cardiac diseases, hypertension, and diabetes are referred to as silent killers.

What are the hunger deaths per year?

According to the International Relief agency, an estimate of around 9 million people die each year due to hunger. This figure is more than the death toll of deadly diseases such as malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis combined.

How many people die a day of hunger?

25,000 people are estimated to die each day along with a count of 10,000 children due to hunger-related causes.


By now you must have truly deciphered how alarming this situation is as now you are well aware of the statistics regarding the lives claimed by poverty, hunger, and diseases every single year. These statistics are not reducing at all, in fact with every coming year, the numbers seem to double.

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