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Even long after fleeing the massive-scale violence back in their homeland, the Rohingya children are leading a super challenging life. From having to carry the emotional trauma of witnessing constant persecution of their loved ones to having limited freedom of movement in refugee camps of Bangladesh, the living conditions of Rohingya children are far from improving.

The refugee camps of Bangladesh are truly no place for a child to live. This is why today we will be documenting the real-life horrors faced by the Rohingya children along with attempting to understand how we as individuals can help these vulnerable and helpless children that deserve a chance at a happy life!

Lend a Helping Hand to the Rohingya Refugee Children

Children are always the most vulnerable group in the face of any crisis. The same is the case with Rohingya children, they are the most affected and equally defenseless against the threats that come with living in refugee camps of Bangladesh. These children are in dire need of support in order to respond to the refugee crisis in a better way.

You can support these helpless children through Rohingya donation. Here at Ekplatebiryani we are fully committed to providing aid for these children by delivering life-saving essentials and other services to Rohingya refugee camps.

How is the Rohingya Crisis Affecting the Children?

Rohingya children have been subjected to some of the worst human rights abuses ever known to mankind. From being forced out of their homeland through a series of violent episodes to living a miserable life in Rohingya refugee camps, these children have seen so much at such a tender age.

Rohingya children have suffered executions, and in the worst-case scenario, they have been burned alive within their homes during the village burning routines of the Burmese government. Children who managed to flee the violence back in their native country, have been witness to the gruesome murder of their parents, siblings, friends, and families.

Even after years of migrating from Myanmar, Rohingya children are living in makeshift camps that are extremely overcrowded.

Rohingya children living in the refugee camps have such an uncertain future due to super limited educational and health resources. Furthermore, the majority of Rohingya children are on the verge of malnutrition due to scarce food supply and inadequate access to water.

Last but not least the Rohingya children are highly vulnerable to a number of abusive acts such as sexual violence, child labor, child trafficking, and much more.

What Percentage of Rohingya Refugees are Children?

Among more than one million Rohingya refugees that fled violence in Myanmar and sought refuge in Bangladesh refugee camps around 450,000 are refugee children. Roughly 75% of Rohingya babies are born in inadequate sanitary conditions of refugee camps with limited or at times no healthcare facilities.

Around ⅓ of Rohingya children below the age of 5 suffer from development delays and stunted growth due to chronic malnutrition as a result of limited food supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Rohingya children are in Bangladesh?

An estimated figure of around 400,000 school-going Rohingya children is in Bangladesh.

How are Rohingya children affected by the refugee crisis?

While seeking refuge in Bangladesh refugee camps, Rohingya children are highly susceptible to multiple lethal diseases along with a high risk of malnutrition. Apart from this, Rohingya children are vulnerable to assault and abuse of various forms including sexual offenses.

What is the issue with Rohingya children?

Rohingya children can be labeled as the most deprived group in the world. Millions of Rohingya children living in Bangladesh refugee camps have a very uncertain future with little or no access to quality education, necessary health facilities, and limited freedom of movement.

How many Rohingya children have been killed?

Around 6,700 to 7,000 deaths of Rohingya children have been reported since the very first military crackdown occurred. The majority of these children died from gunshot wounds while others were burned down alive in their homes during the village burning routines of the Burmese military.

How is Save the Children responding to the crisis of Rohingya?

Save the Children is an organization that has been delivering essential services such as education services and health care services to Rohingya children since 2017.


Since the mainstream media started highlighting the Rohingya crisis, here at Ekplatebiryani we have been extra committed to delivering aid to the millions of Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh refugee camps. We take notice of the plight of Rohingya refugees and particularly the Rohingya children who have been robbed of their entire childhoods.

These children deserve to be playing peacefully with their friends along with accessing quality education which is their due right however, here they are living in refugee camps with unbearable living conditions and a lifetime of trauma to process.

It is very important to listen to the plight of Rohingya children because these little souls have no way out. Hence, come forward and donate to us under the Rohingya donation for making sure Rohingya get to live the kind of life they truly deserve!


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