Earn Sadaqah-e-Jariyah By Providing Water Pumps to Rohingya People

Earn Sadqa-e-Jaria By Providing Water Pumps to Rohingya People

To Realize Our Vision, We Have Partnered With

Rohingya Donation: Help Refugees through Charity Camp

Rohingya community – one of the most oppressed and marginalized groups in the world has been abandoned by its government. Before the Rohingya genocide, this ethnic group used to reside in Myanmar, but in 2017, due to violence against them, they were forced to flee to other parts of the world. Now Rohingya people are stateless and they are known as the largest refugee community in the entire world.
The majority Rohingya population migrated to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, and took shelter there. However, this isn’t where the agony of the Rohingya people ends. The area where currently Rohingya population is living within camps doesn’t have the proper means and resources for catering to such a huge refugee population.

As a result, Rohingya people are faced with a severe shortage of basic necessities such as food and safe drinking water. As refugees who are forced to live in camps in a foreign state, Rohingya people are deprived of everything that is required to go on with life smoothly. In 2017, a few water samples were collected from the Rohingya refugees camps, and surprisingly 92% of them were found to be highly contaminated with lethal substances. 

Imagine being forced to consume such unsafe water with no other option. Imagine the pain that Rohingya people go through every day.
The water supply for Rohingya people is extremely scarce, and whatever little amount of water they receive is smelly and infested with various disease-causing viruses and bacteria. The condition of the Rohingya people is quite rough, hence, we need to realize our privilege and help the struggling Rohingya population that had already gone through so much.

This is an ideal chance for gathering as much Sadaqah Jariyah as you can. Sadaqah Jariyah is the greatest form of ceaseless reward that keeps benefiting the receiver even after passing away. So why not earn such a massive reward along with making efforts for the welfare of mankind?

In today’s article, we’ll tell you how you can donate to Ekplatebiryani’s Rohingya donation program so that we may make their lives bearable.

How To Help Rohingya Refugees Through Donation/Charity?

How To Help Rohingya Refugees
Rohingya is commonly known as an ethnic group that comprises Indo-Aryan Muslims who were forced to leave their native country Myanmar after being subjected to a terrible genocide and ethnic cleansing. Since 2017, the year when Rohingya people were subjected to persecution and violence on religious grounds, their condition has gone downhill.

Rohingya people sought refuge in Bangladesh, yet their living conditions have continually deteriorated due to a massive shortage of basic necessities such as food and waterWithout adequate food supply and safe drinking water, Rohingya people have been living in inhumane conditions. Rohingya people are prone to outbreaks of deadly diseases such as hepatitis, cholera, diarrhea, and countless more water-borne diseases.

These helpless people are helpless and in need of our help. We can be the ray of hope for them. We can become their savior, we can put an end to the days of agony for these people by contributing whole-heartedly to the Rohingya donation.

We urge you to donate in whatever capacity you can to Ekplatebiryani because your single penny has the potential of saving countless lives of Rohingya people. Your donations can help us provide food and water resources to Rohingya people through various projects such as the installation of hand pumps. We have already made a significant impact through our Rohingya hand pump project.

Once, the issue of water shortage is curbed due to the installation of hand pumps, automatically the food crisis will reduce. If Rohingya people are supplied with safe water they can easily grow crops to satisfy their food demands. In this way, Rohingya people will be taken out of the agony that they have been surviving in for the last few years.

Advantages of Installing Hand Pumps for the Struggling Rohingya Refugees

Rohingya donation for hand pump project

There are countless benefits of the installation of hand pumps for the Rohingya Refugees. The first and foremost benefit obviously is the provision of safe drinking water for the Rohingya people who have been deprived of it for years. Apart from this, the list of advantages of installing hand pumps for the Rohingya refugees is long. Some of the major benefits are listed below.

  • Hand pumps are the least expensive and the most simple solution to counter water scarcity. Hand pumps are efficient enough for providing a regular supply of natural groundwater in the long term.
  • Due to the installation of hand pumps, Rohingya people will be able to suffice their water needs on their own without having to rely on any third party.
  • Once the water shortage is dealt with due to the installation of multiple hand pumps, Rohingya people will be able to grow crops and carry out agricultural activities in order to satisfy the food demand. Hence, the food shortage problem will be alleviated.
  • Due to proper water supply from hand pumps, Rohingya people will no longer be forced to consume contaminated water. This means outbreaks of various water-borne diseases will get under control.
  • The general health, hygiene, and sanitation of the Rohingya people will improve due to the regular supply of water.
  • Child and maternal mortality rates will reduce significantly.
  • Rohingya people will get relief from major problems that hold them back such as food and water shortages and epidemics. In this way, they as a community will get a chance to prosper and live the life they were robbed of at the hands of their former government.

To conclude all the aforementioned points, we can say that a proper supply of water is the sole solution for every problem faced by the Rohingya people and a proper supply of water can only be ensured by the installation of hand pumps. This is where you can play your part. Donate now and help Ekplatebiryani make the lives of the Rohingya community bearable again. 

Donate Charity to Rohingya Refugees and Earn Sadaqah Jariyah

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once stated:
“When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).” (Muslim)
After witnessing the importance and benefits of Sadaqah Jariyah, you must be wondering how you can earn it, right? 

Well, you can earn Sadaqah Jariyah by even donating a penny or sponsoring a hand pump for the Rohingya refugees.

Do you know what is the best form of charity? Let us quote another famous saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

‘Providing drinking water is the best form of charity’ (Sunan an-Nasa’i)

The water charity is known as the best form of charity because water is a gift from Allah that is necessary for sustaining any life on earth. Hence, when donating for providing water for those who are deprived of it, you are doing the work of saving lives.

Why hold yourself back from this ultimate combination of the best form of charity and Sadaqah Jariyah? Donate now for the installation of hand pumps that will provide the Rohingya refugees with safe drinking water for years to come.

Donate a Hand Pump for Rohingya with your name or your loved one's name

Donate a Hand Pump for Rohingya with your name or your loved one's name

Water charity gifts you with an immense reward such as Sadaqah Jariyah – a ceaseless reward that keeps benefiting the donor even after they have long forgotten about it. Ekplatebiryani brings you a chance to sponsor a hand pump for Rohingya with your name or your loved one’s name.

This is a great chance to gather prayers from all the people that benefit from the hand pump sponsored by you. Your name or the name of your loved one mentioned on that hand pump will ensure that whenever someone is provided with clean water from that specific pump, they will make a special prayer for you with your name. 
How amazing is that?
What else is better than earning Sadaqah Jariyah along with prayers from strangers that you helped? Clearly nothing, right.
So come forward and donate as much as you can.
For sponsoring a hand pump with your name, email us at support@ekplatebiryani.com or reach us via chat on the website. It has been a customary practice of team Ekplatebiryani to provide the donors with videos and images as proof that every single penny has been spent for the right cause. In case, you require videos/images of your sponsored hand pumps with your name or the name of your loved one, team Ekplatebiryani would be overjoyed to share that with you.

What are the causes of the Rohingya Crisis?

Let us give you a brief overview of the Rohingya crisis and the causes behind the Rohingya genocide that led refugees to the conditions that we discussed earlier.

The Rohingya crisis was ignited by the large-scale violence and persecution of Rohingya people on religious grounds. Rohingya people were subjected to discrimination and ethnic cleansing along with various other forms of torture back in their native country, Myanmar which eventually led to the Rohingya crisis.
Conflict and genocide against Rohingya people escalated to the extent that they were eventually forced to flee to Bangladesh and other parts of the world.

What EKPlatebiryani is Doing from the Rohingya Donation for Refugees?

Since 2017, various NGOs from all around the world have taken notice of the struggles of Rohingya refugees. Not just this, but multiple initiatives have been taken to install tube wells for fetching water from underground sources in order to deal with the water shortage. However, the Rohingya population is massive and more donations are required for providing Rohingya refugees with a sufficient supply of water.
Team Ekplatebiryani has been installing tube wells in multiple locations at Cox Bazar for providing the Rohingya refugees with an ample supply of clean water. Our fundamental goal is to maximize the installation of tube wells for catering to the needs of the entire Rohingya population.
Apart from this, now team Ekplatebiryani is looking forward to installing hand pumps for the Rohingya refugees. We have already mentioned the benefits of installing the hand pumps and what wonders they do for the Rohingya people. So, come forward and support us as much as you can through your donations.

How One Can Help and Donate to Rohingya Children?

The huge Rohingya population means a massive number of children. These children are the ones that suffer the most due to food and water insecurity. In addition to that, these children are the most vulnerable to outbreaks of various water-borne diseases that usually end up taking their lives.

In this case, it is highly important to help these children by donating on a priority basis. Donate now, and help us save the lives of countless Rohingya children who are at risk. Your Donation for Rohingya refugee children can make a significant impact.

Rohingya Refugees Monsoon Shelter

One least highlighted issue faced by Rohingya refugees is the destruction caused due to the monsoon. The Cox Bazar present in Bangladesh receives heavy rain spells which result in massive destruction. Due to this, Rohingya refugees often get displaced as their refugee camps and shelters get blown away by the strong monsoon winds.
Thousands of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are left shelter-less due to destruction caused by the monsoon season. There is no Rohingya relief fund that can help them.
Therefore, come forward and donate to save the lives of Rohingya refugees. Donate to prove shelter and proper housing facilities for the Rohingya refugees.

Frequently Asked Questions: Rohingya Donations

How can I help the Rohingya?

You can help the Rohingya refugees by making a donation to any NGO that works to provide the Rohingya people with food, water, and shelter. Moreover, you can arrange fundraisers for collecting funds that will be spent on the welfare of Rohingya refugees.

Why are there Rohingya refugees?

Rohingya refugees are a result of large-scale violence, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and persecution on religious grounds that were carried out against the Rohingya people back in 2017. This severe human rights violation and never-ending torture eventually forced the Rohingya people to leave their native land, Myanmar and as a result, Rohingya refugee groups were formed.

How many Rohingya refugees are still in Bangladesh?

Currently, there are over 890,000 refugees and asylum-seekers present in the Kutupalong Nayapara Rohingya refugee camp of Cox Bazar, Bangladesh.

Final Note on Rohingya Donation

The harrowing realities of the Rohingya Refugees are more than enough to make one realize the importance of water and other basic necessities.
If you want to play your part in putting an end to the problems of Rohingya refugees along with gathering prayers and Sadaqah Jariyah for yourself, come forward and feel free to donate to Ekplatebiryani.

Team Ekplatebiryani would be beyond elated to welcome you to our Rohingya donation program.

Partial Funding This campaign will collect all funds raised by Dec 21, 2022 11:45 AM.

About Ek Plate Biryani

Ek Plate Biryani is a registered NGO based in Canada
We started out in 2019 to provide a platform to people from all around the world to help those in distress.
Initially, we began with feeding the vulnerable in Pakistan, but, over the time, we have expanded our domain of work in terms of services as well as area.
We are now operating in 5 countries: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Uganda.
We provide proofs to our donors on our social media as well as privately, if requested.
Our teams are dedicatedly working to provide food, access to clean water, treatment solutions, education support, and aid in emergencies.

Our Vision

We envision a world without hunger… a planet where no one has to be uncertain about their primary needs.

Copper bucket
Donate $25 to help the people of Thar get sufficient clean water and save lives.


Silver Bucket
Your $50 can help Tharis get clean water which is their basic right.


Gold Bucket
Help with $100 to bring fresh clean water in the desert area to save hundreds of lives.


Platinum Bucket
Your $250 can change the lives of hundreds of people by giving them access to clean water every day.


Share a hand pump
With $500, you can help hundreds of drought-stricken people live healthy, normal lives!


Hand pump with your or your loved one’s name
Your $1000 will change the destiny of the people of Thar. This will be a charity that will continue to benefit these people for years.

What Are We Doing For Them?

Since 2017, non-governmental organizations from all over the world have been coming forward to help. They have been installing various kinds of tube wells to draw water from the ground.
It has helped. However, the population is huge. And, tube wells are still not enough to cater to all of them. Water scarcity is still there. Imagine having to think twice before drinking a glass of water or washing your face.
That’s how difficult it is for them. Water and good health are the primary needs that every individual deserves.
Our team is contributing by installing tube wells at Cox’s Bazaar.
The goal is to install as many tube wells as possible to help overcome water scarcity and outbreaks of water-borne diseases.

How Tube Wells Work

Since water filtration is one of the major issues at Cox’s Bazaar, tube wells offer a natural method. During the wet-seasons, Cox’s Bazaar witnesses a lot of rainfall. Rain water seeps into the ground.
It gets filtered naturally through the layers of earth and sand. This filtration also removes bacteria and other chemicals. And, leaves the water safe for drinking.
Tube wells, then, bring this filtered water up for safe consumption.

How Can You Join Us?

Our team is working in Cox’s Bazaar and installing tube wells already. We are raising funds to install more tube wells. Because for a population of 900,000 Rohingya People, they need many more tube wells. It is the wet season in Bangladesh and the earth is soaking up lots of water.
You can join this movement by donating money and spreading the word. To ensure 100% transparency, we take pictures and videos of the projects for proof. They are shared on our website, Facebook, and Instagram, as needed. The rest can be shared with you upon request.
Let’s get to work for Rohingya. We do not want to keep them waiting. Donate today to give 900,000 Rohingya People a chance at basic necessities.