The Concept of Sadaqah in Islam


Unlike Zakat which is an obligatory practice, Sadaqah in Islam is not mandatory for all however, it is equally important as Zakat. This is because sadaqah in Islam is a form of voluntary charity solely given in order to please Allah SWT without expecting anything in return from the people.

Let’s further read about the importance of Sadaqah in Islam along with learning how we can perform sadaqah on a regular basis in order to increase our ranks in this life and the hereafter.

What is Sadaqah in Islam?

Sadaqah in Islam is a concept that makes the believers give voluntarily in the name of Allah SWT. Sadaqah holds immense importance in Islam, in fact, it is among the most preached and emphasized practices of the Quran. Apart from the holy Quran, we can observe multiple accounts of sadaqah in the daily life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH through Sunnah. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH regularly performed sadaqah all along while preaching it, to the extent where no beggar was ever returned empty-handed from his door.

One important form of sadaqah is known as sadaqah jariyah, this is the kind of sadaqah that will earn you an ongoing reward. You can earn sadaqah jariyah by making efforts to help someone in the long term.

Allah SWT has promised countless great rewards and benefits in this life and the hereafter for the one who performs sadaqah and sadaqah jariyah consistently.

Support the Needy people and Gain Allah’s closeness Against Sadaqah in Islam

One can easily comprehend the importance of sadaqah in Islam by looking at multiple hadiths and verses of the holy Quran. The act of sadaqah is among the most adored practices by Allah SWT. Nothing matches the rewards that Allah SWT promises in the name of that believer who gives in the name of Allah SWT out of goodwill.

As Muslims, we should always be actively taking efforts to earn as many rewards as we can through sadaqah. If you wish to gain immense rewards through sadaqah, you can now do so by supporting the causes that Ekplatebiryani works for.

Donate right now from the comfort of your home and earn unimaginable rewards against sadaqah in Islam. Through supporting our water-aid projects you can be at the receiving end of immense rewards that come with providing someone access to clean water as mentioned in this hadith.

“The best charity is giving water to drink.” (Sunan Ibn Majah)

What does the word ‘Sadaqah’ actually mean in Islam?

The term sadaqah comes from ‘’sidq’’ which means sincerity in Arabic, implying that the act of sadaqah in Islam is solely performed to please Allah SWT without expecting any worldly gains in return. The acts of sadaqah are not necessarily limited to just financial assistance, any act done out of pure intention and kindness in order to ease the troubles of those in need qualifies as sadaqah in Islam.

Even such a simple and effortless act of merely smiling at someone is sadaqah in Islam, how beautiful is this concept isn’t it?

Smiling in your brother\’s face is an act of charity’’ (Tirmidhi)

Examples of Sadaqah in Islam

Any act of kindness done out of pure goodwill in order to help people around you is considered Sadaqah in Islam. Feeding the hungry, providing water to people suffering from water scarcity, and providing financial aid to those in need are a few examples of sadaqah in Islam.

Apart from these, giving sincere and fruitful advice to someone, even smiling or extending any form of help towards someone, and spreading valuable knowledge that might benefit someone is considered sadaqah in Islam.

Furthermore, contributing your time and efforts towards a good cause that benefits humanity as a whole is an example of sadaqah in Islam.

Reasons to Give Sadaqah in Islam

As already mentioned above, the Quran and Sunnah both put a great emphasis on sadaqah. Sadaqah isn’t just something that helps the receiver in fact, it has some great everlasting benefits for the donor as well. Read on, to find out a few reasons why you should be working to make sadaqah an everyday practice in your life.

1. Withdrawal of Upcoming Calamities

Once Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated:

‘Give the sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.’ (Bukhari)

This hadith clearly shows that sadaqah is one of the best methods to avert upcoming hardships and calamities that one is unaware of. By performing regular sadaqah one can protect himself against countless miseries.

2. Best Investment for the Afterlife

In this world, all of us are constantly grinding and working hard along with making profitable investments in order to secure our future, isn’t it? Even though our next breath isn’t guaranteed yet we work day and night to secure our uncertain future. So why not, make investments to secure our afterlife as well?

Sadaqah is one of the best investments for this life and the life hereafter. Allah SWT promises to return back multiplied blessings in this world to the one who performs sadaqah regularly. As for the life hereafter, Allah SWT promises to elevate the ranks of one who does sadaqah with pure intentions.

3. Eliminates Sins

Making mistakes is an integral part of human nature, and no matter how hard we try to protect ourselves from sins, at some point in life we lose track and fall prey to the attack of shaitan. Hence, it is extremely important to constantly ask forgiveness from Allah SWT for the sins that we commit. One such method to ask forgiveness is through giving sadaqah.

Sadaqah is a foolproof way through which we can expiate all our former sins and take a fresh start. Make sure to indulge in as many charitable activities as you can in order to eliminate your sins.

 ‘Charity extinguishes the sins like water extinguishes a fire’. (Sunan Ibn Majah)

4. Gate of Paradise

There are dedicated gates of paradise for certain acts in Islam. Likewise, Baab-Sadaqah is among the gates of paradise through which believers that performed regular sadaqah will be allowed to enter paradise.

‘Those who give sadaqa will be invited to enter by the gate of sadaqa’ (Bukhari)

5. Foundation of a Progressive Society

Giving regular sadaqah ensures that those in need receive help and that proper distribution of wealth and resources is observed in society. Sadaqah does not just benefit a single person, it benefits the entire community as a whole by providing timely help and aid to those in need.

Sadaqah lays the foundation of a progressive and balanced society where every individual gets their due rights and nobody lives a deprived life.

Sadaqah In Islam FAQs

How to give sadaqah in Islam?

You can give sadaqah in Islam by helping anyone who is in need. For example, providing financial aid, providing water and food, donating to the poor, sharing valuable knowledge, and even passing a smile are considered examples of sadaqah in Islam.

What is sadaqah jariyah in Islam?

Sadaqah jariyah is a form of sadaqah in Islam that results in ceaseless rewards for the donor. Sadaqah jariyah is a kind of charity that gives us immense rewards that keep benefiting us even after we are long gone.

Whom to give sadaqah in Islam?

Unlike the obligatory practice of Zakat, Sadaqah in Islam can be given by anyone to anyone. Sadaqah can be given to family members such as spouses, children, or parents. You can also give sadaqah to extended family and strangers in need.

What are the rules of Sadaqah?

There are a few general rules for Sadaqah in Islam. Number one is that sadaqah should be given out of the pure will and good intention. Secondly, sadaqah should be given out of one’s authentic wealth and possessions that have been obtained through faithful means. Lastly, sadaqah should be given in secret with the intention of pleasing Allah SWT rather than publicly showing off in order to gain appreciation from the masses.

What are the 2 types of Sadaqah?

There are two significant types of sadaqah in Islam. One is a simple sadaqah that is given in order to ease someone’s problem. Second is Sadaqah jariyah which is given with the intention of helping out someone in the long term. Both these acts are highly preached and hold immense importance in Islam however, Sadaqah jariyah gathers ongoing rewards for the donor that never cease to benefit him

Why is Sadaqah important in Islam?

Sadaqah is highly responsible for protecting one against upcoming calamities along with increasing the blessings. In addition to this, sadaqah benefits society as a whole and creates a perfect balance and harmony among people.


As Muslims, it is our firm belief that whatever good we do in the world, Allah SWT will return that good to us in this life and the afterlife. The same is the case with sadaqah in Islam, Allah SWT promises great rewards for this selfless act of donating to others with pure intentions.

You can also collect rewards of sadaqah by extending your support to Ekplatebiryani in the form of funds for our projects that work for the betterment of Allah’s creation. If you wish to gather rewards in your name through sadaqah, donate now from the comfort of your home and reap benefits later on in life!


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