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How can You Sponsor an Orphan to Help Him Live Better

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Millions of children in this world are deprived of basic necessities just because the merciless death has snatched their parents from them. These homeless and vulnerable orphans can also taste the flavors of life if we all stand together to make a change.

sponsor a child in an orphanage

Sponsor an orphan program is a way to fulfill the food, shelter, and education requirements of orphan children living in poverty. Since 2019, this program has supported 2000+ orphans for their education, helping them become better human beings.

Your sponsorship enables the poor orphan to get access to nutritious food, quality education, medical checkups, disaster reliefs, mentorship, and much more. It’s about making someone’s life!

Make this World Worth Living for Orphans

Sponsor an orphan program help and reach the children who don’t have parents to make their dreams true. Providing these children with basic resources (food, water, and clothing) makes them feel loved and worthy.

Support the homeless orphans by sponsoring them and investing in various innovative charitable programs. Be the ray of hope for someone!

Best Ways to Help Children in Orphanages

If you intend to take part in this noble deed by stepping forward for needy orphans, then you may consider the following ways:

Best Ways to Help Children in Orphanages

Support their Families

Family support means that you will help the orphans and their families break the poverty chain. With your psychological and financial support, these families become able to make a sustainable living. In this way, they would stand on their own feet and become financially independent.

Sponsor the Orphan

Monthly or annual sponsorships fulfill the basic human needs of children living in orphanages. A sponsor’s support gets the education and healthcare facilities.

Our Reach

If you want to sponsor an orphan, which is indeed the best deed, you might want to know the children who receive your aid. We want to tell you that our network extends to five countries. All the sponsorships we receive are used to help the poor orphans living in:

  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Uganda
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan

All these countries are developing countries and can’t properly support needy communities. But the orphans living there also deserve to have a better life. That’s why, Ekplatebiryani offers food drives, winter drives, and drinkable water drives.

Benefits for Sponsored Orphans

A sponsored orphan spends a life far better than poor unsponsored orphanage refugees. We make sure that you know how your help is polishing your sponsored orphan child. You can also come to see him or her whenever you want to.

Benefits to Sponsor Orphans

See what benefits your assistance brings to them!

1. Basic Needs

They get pure water, monthly ration, and clean clothes to wear.

2. Education

Orphans get basic educational support, including tuition fees, uniforms, books, and other school expenses.

3. Healthcare

With your help, these needy children get access to healthcare facilities such as medical checkups and immunizations.

4. Personality Grooming

Education and co-curricular activities make the homeless orphans feel at home. They make a better person, ready to face the challenging world. Knowing that someone loves them and cares for them helps build their self-confidence.

Impact on Children after the Sponsor Orphan Program

How to Help Orphans

The monthly amount that you give to the orphanage children is a lifeline for many of them. You better know that most of the population is below the poverty line in third-world countries like India, Pakistan, and Africa.

In such circumstances, the alone and poor orphans in such regions are miserable. They are likely to face much more neglect, abuse, and exploitation than children living with their parents.

With your help, the orphan children become able to lead a normal life in the orphanages. They don’t feel inferior to their class fellows when they are looked after properly.

We make sure that your donation reaches the most deserving orphan children in third-world countries. This sponsor an orphan program is indeed a ray of hope for their bright future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I help an orphan?

You can help an orphan by sponsoring his education and other essential needs. Or you may sponsor him or his family to make a sustainable living. Becoming a host family or sponsoring a family who is ready to host are also ways to help sponsors.

2. Can Zakat be given to any orphans?

Zakat can be given to any destitute orphan who is not a family member and falls in the category of any of the eight heads of Zakat mentioned in the Quran. Not every orphan is needy and eligible for Zakat.

3. What do orphans need the most?

The poor orphan children basically need the essentials of life. They mostly need a place to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Also, educational assistance and emotional support count in their needs.

4. What are the problems faced by orphans?

Orphans face financial problems, educational constraints, and abusive behavior. They are also subjected to many psychological problems, including anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc.

5. Does sponsoring a child actually help?

Yes, when you sponsor a child in an orphanage, his life actually changes. He gets a chance to enjoy appropriate food, shelter, and other needs of life. Your sponsoring can help him build a life full of potential.

Take Home Message

More than 153 million children living in the world are orphans. Many of them are poor, homeless, miserable, shattered, and unable to get a basic education. The orphanages where these children live require helping hands to work better.

“Sponsor an orphan” is a program in which we collect donations for orphans from all over the world. These sponsorships help the needy orphans living in India, Uganda, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Bangladesh by fulfilling their basic needs.

Give hope to an orphan by holding their hands. Let’s make this world a place with living for them!

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