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Story Detail

Our First Delivery Feeding ~400 People In Karachi

$ 400 Money Spent

On April 18th, we had decided to begin our first delivery to help feed the needy in Karachi, Pakistan.

The story behind it was quite intriguing.

We had received a call from a close friend, who was mentioning that there are many orphanages in Pakistan that are not receiving enough Donations.

They are the smaller, underdog orphanages which get no donations.

The larger orphanages are often sponsored by large brands, while the little ones get left behind in the shadows.
They often support those children that are disabled and have no one.

So we decided to ACT.

On our first run, we employed the help of a local friend on the ground in Karachi.

He sourced our supplier, A.Wala Kitchen and Sheermal house. He sprang into action and confirmed our orders, and gave us a nice discount as it was for a charity.

We arranged our payments, sent a Western Union and our honest friend in Karachi seamlessly managed the entire operation.

The biryani was made, loaded into Suzuki vehicles, and transported to Dar-Ul-Sukun and a local School of underprivileged children.

Over 400 children, and needy people were able to eat from this successful project.

Total cost: ~$400.

Money Well Spent.