The Impact Of Your Contribution Has Been Bigger Than You Think

The kindness of all our donors has always amazed us.

We want to tell you that your support matters a lot to us and to the beneficiaries. You have contributed to changing their lives for good.

May this Sadqa Jariya be a source of happiness for you and your loved ones…
In this world, and the next!


We believe this project is YOURS. Hence, we want to share how your donation is impacting their lives. Here’s how every penny you donate helps:

  • Since water becomes available, womenfolk do not have to walk 3 – 4 kilometers every day, saving at least 3 to 4 hours of their day! This time can be utilized by women to share economic burdens.
  • Now that the water is within easy access, they do not have to store it in containers, minimizing the chances of water-borne diseases.
  • More water means more food. Their crops grow better and their animals stay healthy.
  • Substantial food resources promote better health and increased immunity, lowering malnourishment and death rates.
  • Children, due to better economic conditions and less morbidity rates, can attend schools regularly and get the opportunity to have a brighter tomorrow.

Did you see how the availability of clean drinking water is making such a beautiful change in their lives?

Now, let us share some details about the project:

Access To Clean Water For 20 Years

Since you know Thar is a desert. There is very little rainfall to rely upon.

Even the underground water levels are low and reaching them is a task.

We could have gone for hand pumps which are 50 or 70 ft. deep… and it would have provided them with water for a year or two.

After that, the water levels would go further down and the handpump would be useless.

With help and recommendations from a few experts, we came up with a solution.

We decided to go for deeper hand pumps which will last much longer.

99% of our hand pumps are 110+ feet deep; some are as deep as 150 feet, depending on the conditions of the land.

Most of these handpumps are deep enough to last them for the next 20 years.

Better Agricultural Outcomes & Healthy Animals

Also, we’ve created a new “Design” that saves and conserves water.

As you know, some water may get wasted when the people are filling their buckets and utensils with water.

The hand pumps are fashioned with a basin which collects all the excess water.

This water is used by animals and can be easily channelled to the village crops.

This way, not only do we save water from being wasted but also help them grow their crops better and keep their animals from thirst in the scorching heat.

These hand pumps will serve humans as well as animals and crops across Thar…

Spreading health and happiness.

Longevity Needs Maintenance

This is true.

And, our work does not end with the installation.

To ensure longevity, we provide the locals with tools for the repair and maintenance of these hand pumps and train them how to do it properly.

This education with all the necessary tools will increase the life of the hand pumps.

In case of any unresolvable issues that may arise in the future, they are provided with contact details of our team of technicians who will look into the matter and sort it out.

Would You Like To Donate?

So far, we have installed 88 hand pumps across Thar. However, Thar has about 2000 villages and many are waiting for relief. If you wish to contribute for our next hand pump in Thar, please click the link below:

Donate now

Or, if you wish to start on your fundraiser to help Tharis, you may do so here: 


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