The Important W’s of Sadaqah

the important ws of sadaqah

Sadaqah is one of the highly appreciated and continually preached acts in Islam. Sadaqah has gained immense importance not just in Islam but in all major religions of the world. Be it any religion of the world, sadaqah has a prominent place in it in various other forms with one ultimate goal of the welfare of mankind. The significance and power of sadaqah are truly unmatched, as it holds the potential to transform lives.

In order to understand the concept of sadaqah further, we have put together a detailed guide regarding this selfless act. Read on to unearth the immense power of sadaqah and how you can benefit from it.

What is Sadaqah?

In Islamic terms, sadaqah stands for voluntarily donating to charity in any form with the pure intention of helping people. Even though sadaqah isn’t considered an Islamic obligation yet, it has immense importance in Islam. The act of sadaqah has proved to strengthen and increase the believer’s faith along with purifying the wealth.

Sadaqah isn’t only about helping someone financially, even a kind gesture of passing a smile or clearing any obstacle from a path is considered sadaqah with huge rewards. In other words, sadaqah is an act of kindness that is performed with the intention of helping someone in any way. Sadaqah is one of the easiest ways of charity against immense rewards beyond one’s imagination.

Who is Eligible to Give Sadaqah and When?

Sadaqah is a form of charity that can be given at any time of the year. However, there are certain occasions when the importance of sadaqah is expanded tenfold. Such as the month of Ramadan is an ideal time to give sadaqah because the reward for every good deed is multiplied by 70 times in the holy month of Ramadan.

Islam has made it crystal clear regarding who is eligible to receive sadaqah, individuals and families who are genuinely poor and struggle to make ends meet truly deserve to receive sadaqah as a form of help. Moreover, people who are going through ailments and are unable to afford the expenses of their treatment can also be given sadaqah.

In simpler words, any individual who suffers financially and is unable to secure a good source of monthly income can receive sadaqah to ease their financial crunch. Generally, sadaqah is given to the needy, the helpless, the homeless, orphans, and widows in order to ease their day-to-day struggles.

Power of Sadaqah

The power of sadaqah is truly unmatched. Sadaqah has proved to cleanse our souls along with our wealth. In addition to that, sadaqah pushes us to do maximum good deeds that can get us ceaseless rewards. The rewards for sadaqah are so great that they can help you succeed in the afterlife. Sadaqah is also a way to protect oneself from miseries and severe punishment on the day of judgement.

Apart from this, sadaqah has proved to be the best possible way for fighting disease and tragedies. Last but not the least, the practice of sadaqah ensures social equality which becomes the foundation of a society in which justice and equality prevail for everyone.

The hadith mentioned below clearly depicts the power of sadaqah and the numerous benefits that come along with it.

“Guard yourselves against the Fire (of Hell) even if it be only with half a date-fruit (given in charity); and if you cannot afford even that, you should at least say a good word.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Why Do People Give Sadaqah?

Sadaqah is solely given for the purpose of helping those in need. Sadaqah is a great kind of charity set forth by Allah (SWT) to ensure that the needs of those struggling financially are taken good care of. Even though sadaqah isn’t a mandatory Islamic practice yet people tend to give sadaqah regularly to guard themselves against any misfortune.

Sole purpose of giving sadaqah is to help those less fortunate than you. Most importantly, sadaqah is a great way to erase all your past sins and earn great rewards.

The Reasons/Benefits of Giving Sadaqah

From erasing past sins to averting unforeseen tragedies, sadaqah has proved to have innumerable benefits for the one who regularly practices it. We are listing down a few notable benefits of this selfless act!

  • Sadaqah will act as a shade to provide you with coolness in the scorching heat on the day of the judgement.
  • Through sadaqah you can earn ceaseless rewards that will benefit you in this life and in the hereafter.
  • Sadaqah erases all your past sins if given with pure intentions.
  • Sadaqah wards off evil eyes and prevents coming hardships.
  • Sadaqah plays a crucial role in fighting against illnesses and averts tragic death.
  • Sadaqah enables one to strengthen their faith by purifying the nafs.
  • Sadaqah is among the gates of paradise. Only those who practice regular sadaqah will be allowed to enter paradise through this gate known as Baab As-Sadaqah.

How EkPlateBiryani Provides Sadaqah

In order to make your sadaqah donations, one organization that you can blindly trust is Ekplatebiryani. Since it first came into being, back in 2019 Ekplatebiryani has been doing great work for the causes that require our attention the most. Ekplatebiryani firmly believes in spreading joy and relief for everyone.

The list of welfare projects carried out by Ekplatebiryani in order to make necessities accessible to all is endless. From regular food drives, monthly food ration projects, to water aid projects for Thar Ekplatebiryani has managed to help thousands of vulnerable families out there with the donations of generous donors that trust us.

Apart from that, Ekplatebiryani has managed to successfully conduct relief campaigns for refugee communities such as water aid for Rohingya. You can go through our work and witness for yourself, how many people Ekplatebiryani has given hope to.

You can rely on Ekplatebiryani for truly witnessing the power of sadaqah. Make your sadaqah donations today and join us in this journey of making this world a better place to live in for those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Sadaqah?

When you give sadaqah Allah (SWT) showers his mercy on you and forgives your past sins. This is why most scholars advise giving sadaqah right after committing a sin.

What are the rules of Sadaqah?

Sadaqah isn’t among the obligatory Islamic practices hence there are no hard and fast rules of sadaqah. However, like every other good deed while giving sadaqah your intentions should be pure without expecting anything in return. Moreover, unlike Zakat, Sadaqah can be given to anyone in need with the intention to help.

Does Sadaqah protect?

Sadaqah protects one from trouble on the day of judgement. Moreover, sadaqah acts as a protective shield in this life as well against misfortune and calamities.

Difference between Sadaqah and Sadaqah e Jariyah?

Sadaqah is any kind gesture that you do with the pure intention of helping someone out and it has great rewards. On the other hand, sadaqah-e-jariyah is an act of kindness done with the purpose of helping someone in the long term. Moreover, sadaqah jariyah earns you ongoing rewards that never end.

Endnote on Power of Sadaqah

Nothing can overshadow the immense power of sadaqah. Sadaqah truly has the potential to change this world along with transforming the lives of those living in inhuman conditions. One reason why sadaqah holds quite a lot of significance in Islam even though it’s not included in obligatory practices is, due to its supreme power and countless benefits.

Come forward today, and make your sadaqah donations to Ekplatebiryani for witnessing the true power of sadaqah and how it helps those in need!


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