Water Donation: Help Bring Access to Water for Struggling Families


Just like any other form of donation, a water donation is an act of charity to provide underprivileged water-scarce areas with easy access to water.

In today\’s world where almost half of the world’s population is deprived of clean water, water donation is highly important and impactful. The global water crisis is getting out of control and the figures for water scarcity are soaring higher than ever. A report published by WHO revealed that in 2017, around 785 million people globally, didn\’t have access to water at all, let alone safe drinking water.

For many of us in developed countries, getting water is as simple as turning on the faucet. However, for individuals who live in third-world nations, obtaining a source of water might be difficult. Many people, especially women and children, have little choice but to walk for hours to reach a source of water.

The water crisis is massive but we can overcome it if we work together. Come forward and support Ekplatebiryani in its goal of provision of water to every individual. Imagine how good it would feel to assist someone in need. For a better future, provide safe water to innocent children.

Your Donation can be a ray of hope for the Needy

Did you know that you can help millions of struggling families by engaging in water donation? As you already know, without water everything comes to halt. One can’t carry on with life in the absence of water. This is why Ekplatebiryani urges you to come forward and contribute to water donations.

You can put a smile on the faces of thousands of people that have long forgotten happiness due to horrible living conditions and a severe shortage of water. Every single penny donated by you can help provide water to helpless families living in water-scarce regions.

Providing water to the needy is considered the best form of charity, and you can earn immense rewards and Sadaqah Jariyah through water donation.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once stated: ‘’The best charity is giving water to drink’’.

This hadith is enough to stress the significance and benefits of water donation. Water charity will bring you an everlasting reward in the form of Sadaqah Jariyah: A reward that outlives you.

Donate Now to our Water Well Project

Water scarcity has become one of the leading problems of the modern world. Water which was once considered just a necessity has turned into a luxury that only a limited population of the world can afford. Hence, people in underprivileged areas are forced to consume unsafe drinking water which leads to thousands of deaths each year.

This situation is worsening each day and if measures are not taken to combat this today, the world will observe some really serious catastrophic effects in the future. This is why Ekplatebiryani has undertaken a mission to provide struggling families with easy access to water.

The best possible solution to the global water crisis and the best form of water donation is to build wells in areas that face severe water shortages.

Digging a well can help provide clean water sustainably for years. People who’ll consume water from the well you help dig will always remember you in their prayers. In return, you will keep receiving immense rewards in this world and in the hereafter as well.

Ekplatebiryani has been building wells in water-scarce areas such as Thar, providing easy access to clean water. Ekplatebiryani has also helped provide water to the Rohingya community, who we all know are living in terrible conditions. You can also become a part of this cause that works towards alleviating the thirst of helpless people.

In order to become a part, you can either volunteer your precious time to strengthen the manpower of Ekplatebiryani or you can simply donate from the comfort of your home.

In either case, through water donation, you will be at the receiving end of an everlasting reward that is also known as Sadaqah Jariyah.

Water is a Basic Right

Water is a basic right and no individual should be denied that. One can not imagine a life without water. In fact, life depends greatly on the water as every living thing requires water for survival.

Allah (SWT) mentioned in the Quran: ‘’And we made every living thing of water’’ (Al Quran)

This verse clearly tells us about water being the origin of life. Water is known as the vital, life-giving, and purifying natural resource that every living thing depends on. Thus, every individual has a right to clean safe drinking water.

This is exactly the ideology that pushes Ekplatebiryani to thrive continuously by providing access to water to people who are the most vulnerable. Ekplatebiryani fundamentally believes that no individual should ever suffer from thirst due to the lack of water.

Become a supporter of Ekplatebiryani and donate now to ensure that no individual on the face of the earth ever suffers from water scarcity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate water online?

The best possible way to donate water online in order to help struggling families is by using your debit or credit card. Technology has made things easier for all of us. You can make donations without even leaving your home.

Is the water project a good charity?

Water donation is indeed the best form of charity. Donating to water projects can ease the lives of people residing in water-scarce areas.

How can I help people get water through donations?

You can contribute to water donations in various ways. For example, you can either donate your time and work as a volunteer to provide water to struggling families or you can provide financial aid to build wells in water-scarce areas.


No amount of words will ever be enough to stress the importance and need for water donation. You can say in today’s testing times, water donation is the need of the hour. People continue to lose their lives each year just because they don\’t have access to safe water. This is really alarming and this needs to stop at any cost.

This is why Ekplatebiryani urges you to donate as much as you can, be it a glass of water or a handsome amount of money. Make the favorite charity of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) an integral part of your life and keep getting rewards that will benefit you even after you are long gone.


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