What Can We Do To End Poverty?

What can we do to end poverty

The fact that poverty is one of the leading and most alarming issues faced by the world at large in the current times is not a secret. Sadly, around 689 million people, that makeup 9.2% of the world population, greatly suffer due to excessive poverty that renders them helpless to live a peaceful life.

This is why today, we have put together a list of effective and long-term solutions to poverty that can definitely make this world a better place to live in by ten fold.

Best Solutions To Reduce Poverty

These are 9 simple ways to end poverty. Believe us when we say, by following merely these simple methods, we can bring a massive change that can completely transform the world we live in today.

1. Well-Paying Job Opportunities

The first and most important measure that needs to be taken to tackle the unstoppable figures of poverty is to create more well-paying jobs through which all general needs of daily life can be met. Creating more and better work opportunities is the need of the hour, and governing bodies worldwide need to take this seriously, or else soon the world will witness devastating effects of poverty like never seen before.

2. Raise the Minimum Wage for Economic Stability for All

The minimum wage is unbelievably low; even in developed countries, laborers hardly get a few bucks that are insufficient to lead a fulfilling life. This is why many families are forced into poverty. Likewise, in many other countries in Pakistan, the minimum wage a worker can earn is only up to 15,000 Rs per month. Considering the inflation and post-pandemic effects, this amount of money is not enough to cover the basic needs, let alone luxuries.

For this very reason, it is highly important to raise the minimum wage in order to provide economic stability for people belonging to every class.

3. Sponsor a Child

When it comes to the catastrophic effects of poverty, there is no denying that young children are the most vulnerable and affected in the face of poverty. Children belonging to families that reside below the line of poverty are deprived of all the basic rights, including the right to education, food, water, and a safe shelter.

This is why sponsoring a child is among one the most effective solutions to poverty. When you take the responsibility of a helpless child that’s been living in poverty, you make sure to cater to all their needs, be it education, food security, or shelter. If you realize the importance and the positive change that can be brought by sponsoring a child, come forward right now and support Ekplatebiryani in its mission of helping those in need.

4. Donate to EkPlateBiryani for Alleviating Poverty

As an individual who realizes the pain and hardships of needy people and struggling families, you can donate to a trustworthy organization that works for the welfare of mankind. One such organization that you can blindly trust is Ekplatebiryani. Our authenticity lies in the fact that we religiously practice providing proof of our operations to our generous donors.

Join hands with Ekplatebiryani and serve mankind by contributing to various operations carried out by us!

5. Maximise Access to Education

One prime reason why education is considered a basic right is that an individual who is equipped with quality education has the potential to change their life regardless of the circumstances. An individual who has received education is better in multiplied aspects of life as compared to an individual who has been deprived of education.

Maximised and easy access to education for all can bring a massive reduction in the excessive levels of poverty all around the world. When you provide easy access to education for struggling families they get a chance to change their life 360 degrees. Education not just uplifts an individual’s confidence. It also boosts the personal and financial growth of an individual.

Hence, if the world at large is really concerned about reducing poverty, the only long-lasting solution to poverty in this case is to provide access to education for every child out there.

6. Improve Food Quality for All

It is quite obvious, a household that is deprived of sufficient food supply due to poverty will never have enough potential to work and put in efforts for bringing changes to their lives. Food scarcity and poverty are interrelated, both go hand in hand. Hence, if any one aspect of this equation is improved the other aspect can majorly benefit from it.

This brings us to a conclusion, that provision of good quality food staples can bring down poverty levels globally. Improved nutrition can push struggling families by empowering them to work towards a better future.

In case you wish to contribute to this cause of reducing poverty through improving food insecurity, you are more than welcome to join Ekplatebiryani.

7. Access to Clean Water

Likewise, food insecurity, water scarcity is also correlated to poverty. In simpler words, food scarcity, water shortage, and poverty all form a cycle, and if anyone component of this cycle is improved automatically, other components will improve. In order to understand this with an example, let\’s consider agriculture.

Popper and regular access to a necessity like water will directly benefit agriculture and improved agriculture directly reduces hunger which in turn will help cut down the poverty levels. Apart from this, easy access to clean water positively impacts all major causes of poverty such as education and health.

8. Access to Healthcare

There is a solid connection between poverty and healthcare. Likewise, all the above-mentioned aspects both of these also go hand in hand. People residing in destitute areas are likely to suffer from chronic illnesses, higher mortality rate, and increased mental stress. These conditions render them helpless and unable to move forward in life.

For this very reason, one of the ways to end poverty is to make sure that there is a proper and fulfilling healthcare system accessible for everyone in order to improve poverty statistics globally.

9. Donate to EkPlateBiryani to Help Put an End to Poverty

You might wonder, what can you as an individual do in order to bring about a change and reduce poverty globally. Let us walk you through a very simple and effortless method through which you can make your contribution to making this world a better place.

One measure that you can take on an individual level is to make regular donations to an organization that you can blindly trust for authenticity.

Ekplatebiryani is among the organizations that are actively working towards major causes of the world in order to bring a positive change. Since it came into being, Ekplatebiryani has worked a day in and out to carry out operations that work towards alleviating major issues faced by the struggling family such as food insecurity, water scarcity, lack of health and education facilities, and shortage of shelter.

Come forward and donate wholeheartedly to Ekplatebiryani for transforming this world into a better place for upcoming generations!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the conclusion about poverty?

Poverty can be considered as the root cause behind any problem faced by the world. For instance, food insecurity, water scarcity, lack of healthcare and education along with all other issues currently the world is dealing with is directly connected to poverty and its catastrophic effects.

Why should we end poverty?

Ending poverty is one of the leading issues that the world needs to seriously consider. This is because the devastating effects of poverty are not just limited to food and water scarcity, in fact they touch every domain of our life.

What is the lasting solution to the problem of poverty in India?

A few lasting solutions to the problems of poverty in India are women\’s empowerment in terms of financial independence, sustainable agriculture, and dairy farming, and an increase in skills and vocational training programs for people living below the line of poverty.

What are the causes and solutions of poverty?

5 top solutions to poverty are: Quality education, proper water access and sanitation conditions, Easy access to healthcare facilities, financial and economic security, and child empowerment.

End Note on Solutions to Poverty

Once you have completely understood the effect of poverty as the root cause behind most of the issues the world is dealing with currently, you can easily identify and post solutions to poverty. It is highly possible for the world to dramatically cut down the poverty levels by taking timely measures and effective steps.

Luckily, there is still hope to reverse the poverty situation if only the world wakes up and realizes the importance and need of alleviating poverty. Change is always initiated by a single person and you can be that person by supporting Ekplatebiryani and its projects that work to alleviate poverty and the hardships of poverty faced by the affected families and individuals.


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