What’s Your Good Deed for the Day?


Everyday brings out a completely new beginning, every morning we are gifted with a chance to finally make efforts for what we truly believe in. In this life everyone has a different routine from morning till night, since the moment we wake up we are caught up in an endless cycle of worldly affairs such as work, education, giving time to family and friends and other mundane tasks, but have you for a moment stopped and think what’s your good deed for the day that will benefit you in the hereafter?

I bet you haven’t because we are lost in this world with no regard for our after life. Since the start of time we as humans have been running after things that won’t even matter in the long run and have been neglecting what actually matters, that is good deeds. In order to free yourself from this race and to do something that is actually fruitful you need to incorporate the habit of doing at least one good deed everyday, no matter how big or small you should adopt the habit of questioning yourself everyday you go to bed, what’s your good deed of the day?

Let’s move onto discussing a few ways in which you can perform good deeds everyday and earn unmatchable rewards!

What is a Good Deed?

Good deed is basically a selfless action that you take in order to benefit someone else or the society. When it comes to doing good deeds there is zero intention of self gains, it’s just about extending a helping hand to anyone in need regardless of their circumstances. In simpler words, a good deed is any act of kindness done by you that manages to ease the pain or trouble of even a single person out there.

5 Acts of Good deeds to do for the day in 2022

There are multiple kinds of good deeds that you can perform and set an example for your friends and family!

1. Helping the Homeless people in your Community

Just take a walk down your neighbourhood and you will spot dozens of families and individuals living on the streets. These helpless people are forced into homelesness due to unimaginably worse financial conditions. These are the people that need your aid the most. Hence, you can adopt a habit of helping a homeless individual that you spot in any way you can.

For instance, you can donate your food leftovers to them to ease their hunger. Moreover, you can donate your extra clothing items to them in order to help protect them from the weather conditions that they are constantly exposed to due to homelessness. These kind and effortless gestures can easily fit into your routine and can help you strengthen the habit of doing a good deed everyday.

2. Helping the Elderly

It is a known fact, older people require attention, love and care exactly like babies do. However, we often get carried away with our hectic routines to the extent that we end up neglecting older people around us. This shouldn’t be the case at all, for this reason make sure to adopt the habit of giving some time out of your routine to elders around you that feel lonely.

3. Provide Food to the Hungry People

Feeding the hungry has unimaginably great rewards in Islam as mentioned in this hadith.

“Any believer who feeds a hungry believer, Allah will feed him from the fruits of Jannah on the Day of Qiyamah.” (Tirmidhi)

What can be a better deed than this, nothing right? Hence, make it a habit of yours that whenever you see someone hungry make sure to feed them in whatever capacity you can. In case you are unable to figure out something on your own for helping the hungry people, you can rely on Ekplatebiryani for making your contributions. Through its countless food aid projects Ekplatebiryani will make sure to utilise every penny donated by you for pricing access to food for the hungry people.

4. Provide Access to Clean Water

Water is a prerequisite for survival in the world, now you can imagine the miserable lives of those who lack the access to clean water. Lack of water acts as a hindrance in every domain of life, be it domestic, cooking, agriculture, or even drinking purpose. Due to this unmatchable and irreplaceable significance of water, the best form of charity is labelled as water donation as mentioned in this hadith.

‘’The best charity is giving water to drink’’ (Sunan an-Nasa’i)

Why miss the golden chance of earning rewards against the best form of charity? Imagine if you manage to quench the thirst of even a single human every day, how many rewards can you gather along the way? Make sure to adopt this habit of providing access to clean water for anyone that you feel is suffering due to lack of water.

If you are unable to make efforts on an individual basis, you can again extend your support to Ekplatebiryani in the form of donations to contribute to water aid projects.

5. Volunteer for a Good Cause

Apart from donating money for a good cause, another act that can qualify a good deed for the day is, taking out some time and volunteering for any good cause that you believe in. You can look up and pick out any organisation whose projects align with the causes that you are passionate about.

One such organisation that requires your voluntary service is Ekplatebiryani. Sign up today as a volunteer and help Ekplatebiryani in its countless human aid projects by increasing the manpower of team Ekplatebiryani.

Good Deed Examples

There are multitude of good deed examples that you can follow in order to gather maximum rewards that will work in your favour some day! Before we move to the good deed examples it is highly essential for you to understand that when it comes to good deeds the one thing that matters the most is intention.

Doing a good deed every day doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand gesture or something that demands a lot of time or money, even a small act of kindness can qualify as your good deed of the day and can earn you immense rewards. Here are a few examples of good deeds that you can do everyday!

  1. Random act of kindness that brings a smile on anyone’s face.
  2. Volunteer for a good cause within your community.
  3. Take in stray animals that are hurt and foster them, or provide them with food.
  4. Visit a nursing home and spend some quality time with patients that are suffering from a myriad of diseases.
  5. Tip wholeheartedly while dining in, or at least saya few words of appreciation to the one who’s serving you.
  6. Practice giving out compliments to people around you for making their day.
  7. Extend a helping hand to your neighbour is any task that you can help with.
  8. Prepare a meal for a sick relative or friend and deliver it to their doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the kindest deed?

The kindest deed you can do is lending an ear to listen to someone who\’s suffering from any kind of issue. Often people just want someone to listen to all their issues. In case, someone around you is going through a tough phase in life, the kindest deed you can do is listen to them.

What is another word for good deed?

There are multiple other ways to say ‘good deed’ such as act of kindness, kind deeds, aid, favour, kind act, and courtesy.

Did a good deed meaning?

Did a good deed basically means to perform any act of kindness or extending a helping hand to anyone that needs it.


The best possible way of getting yourself into the habit of doing a good deed a day is to take out time for reflecting on all the deeds that you did throughout the day. In this way you will be able to access all your deeds and question yourself what’s your good deed for the day. As a result you will be pushed and motivated to perform a good deed at least once a day in whatever capacity you can.

When it comes to performing good deeds, always remember your pure intention is what matters the most, even if the act is as simple as spreading smiles if done with pure intention it can bring you immense rewards!


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