Why do Muslims Fast?

why do muslims fast during ramadan

Each year in the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world tend to fast from dawn to dusk for an entire month. Fasting has been made obligatory for every Muslim. There are only a few circumstances in which fasting can be omitted.

But why do Muslims fast?

What is the reason and significance behind fasting being made obligatory?

At some point, you must have wondered about all these questions, right?

Hence, today we will discuss the main reasons behind Muslims fasting during Ramadan.

Let’s get started.


Reasons Behind Why Muslims Fast in Ramadan?


There are countless reasons why Muslim fast during Ramadan. We will be discussing a few significant reasons behind fasting and what makes it such an important and obligatory act during the blessed month of Ramadan.

1. To Achieve Devotion and Righteousness

As human beings, it is a fundamental part of our nature to be attracted to sins and worldly affairs that take us away from our beautiful religion Islam. Moreover, at times we tend to lose control and end up ignoring the boundaries and limitations set forth by Allah (SWT) for temporary pleasures in this world.

Fasting is a physical act that not just stops us from eating and drinking but it protects us from evil and impure thoughts and sins. While fasting we experience the highest level of Imaan and patience that helps us control ourselves from forbidden acts in an improved way. In this way, fasting leads one to attain the highest level of piety.

2. A Chance to Seek Forgiveness For Former Sins

Equality for all is a basic principle of Islam. Hence, Allah (SWT) made fasting obligatory for all Muslims regardless of their social status as a chance to seek forgiveness for all their past sins and misdeeds.

3. The Physical Act of Fasting Defines a Muslim

There are 5 basic pillars of Islam and believing in these 5 pillars is what makes you a Muslim. Fasting happens to be the fourth pillar of Islam thus it holds immense importance. Likewise, other pillars, fasting has been made compulsory in Ramadan for everyone who identifies themselves as Muslim.

4. To Obtain Maximum Benefits of Night of Destiny

Shab e Qadr also known as the night of destiny is hidden in the holy month of Ramadan. It is considered the most sacred night in Islam and it has immense blessings attached to it. It is believed that the reward of any good deed done on this night is way more than nights of 1000 months altogether.

Shab e Qadr falls in the last 10 days of Ramadan, however, the exact date is not known. This is why Muslims indulge in extra worship and prayers in all last 10 days of Ramadan.

6. Empathy Towards Poor

Apart from immense rewards and blessings another reason why Muslims fast in Ramadan is that it instills empathy for the poor in our hearts. Usually, we tend to ignore the sufferings of people who are less fortunate than us by being so lost in our privilege. However, while fasting, we are reminded of the people for whom conditions are the same regardless of fasting or not.

Fasting is a great way that reminds us to be empathetic towards people who are not blessed with the same resources as ours. During this holy month, we should help our less fortunate brothers and sisters who are fasting and earn immense rewards. We can even hand out our lunch money help someone fasting.

How EkPlateBiryani Support Muslims fasting in Ramadan?

Ekplatebiryani has always been a firm believer that basic necessities should be within everyone’s reach and no individual should suffer from the lack of food and water. Shortage of food and water resources is always a very painful experience, however, for Muslims who suffer from food and water scarcity while fasting, the pain is doubled by tenfold.

Ekplatebiryani realises the immense pain of those struggling Muslims. Hence, we carry out an iftar camp in Ramadan for providing underprivileged Muslims with food items. Apart from that Ekplatebiryani has many ongoing projects that cater to the needs of these people such as food distribution, food drives, and monthly food ration packages.

You can also become a part of these projects for human welfare. Come forward and donate now to make this Ramadan better for your Muslim sisters and brothers.


These are just a few notable reasons behind why Muslims fast during Ramadan. Apart from these few reasons, there are many other countless hidden and unhidden benefits of fasting that benefit us in more ways than we can ever think of. Since this holy month holds immense significance, we should perform as many good deeds as we can during Ramadan.

May Allah (SWT) give us a chance to fast in the perfect way in order to reap the maximum benefits of this holy month of Ramadan!


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