Why Is It Important To Go The Extra Mile?

Why You Should Go the Extra Mile

The distribution of wealth and resources isn’t uniform throughout the world. There is a huge gap among various people belonging from various backgrounds. Some people can easily afford high-end luxury products without even having to think for a second, on the contrary the majority of the population struggles with access to even necessities such as water, food, shelter.

This surprising gap among the financial stability of masses is exactly why you need to go the extra mile! When it comes to compassion along with sharing your blessings with those less fortunate than you, always go the extra mile. The fact that it is quite demanding to observe selflessness and share your blessings is quite understandable however, once you get into the practice of going extra miles nothing can hold you back!

Reasons Why We Should Go The Extra Mile

In order to crown success and get maximum benefit against any action one must go the extra miles. Likewise, going extra miles in charity also has some long lasting brilliant results. There are multiple reasons that can convince you easily in order to go the extra miles for charity work. The number one reason is bountiful rewards.

Apart from playing your part in making this world a better place, you earn immense rewards that will benefit you here and in the hereafter through going extra miles in the charity. Moreover, you can always achieve the highest level of gratitude and spiritual awakening through going the extra miles.

In this fast-paced world, we tend to take our countless blessings for granted; however, when you engage in charitable activities and adopt a habit of going the extra mile you are gifted with gratitude and contentment regarding your blessings and privilege.

In addition to that, going the extra mile and putting your heart and mind into charity establishes a sense of purpose and compassion in you. There is a huge difference when one simply donates to charity and when one takes out their time and actually volunteers to see the struggles in person.

We don\’t intend to demotivate you from donating funds, it is just that we want you to realise the importance of going the extra mile and the benefits it can get you.

Rewards For Helping Others and Going The Extra Mile

All major religions of the world especially Islam encourage their believers to go the extra mile whenever it comes to helping others. There are huge everlasting rewards for Muslims who just do not engage in charity but always go the extra mile. It is believed that Allah (SWT) keeps helping his servant as long as the servant keeps helping his brother.

You can now easily comprehend the importance of helping others. Moreover, Allah (SWT) promises great bountiful rewards for those who practise charity and go the extra mile to help his creation. A verse in the Qurans states:

“Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded” (Quran 57:10)

In every other worldly affair, it is an understandable notion that when you give something it decreases but in charity and going the extra mile it is completely opposite. Your wealth and resources never decrease when you open doors for others to share. In fact, it gets purified and much more barakah has been put into it.

That means through helping others and making sure to go the extra mile you are not just earning rewards but your prior wealth is getting cleansed along with increasing. How beautiful is this concept, isn’t it?

In case you want to reap these benefits for yourself by going the extra mile you can come forward and help those in need by donating your funds to Ekplatebiryani. We assure you that every collected penny is spent for the right cause!

As An NGO How Do We Go The Extra Mile?

Every non-profit organisation in the world aims to combat poverty by provision of basic resources to those who do not have access to them. Likewise, Ekplatebiryani, an organisation founded in 2019 has always aimed for alleviating world hunger and thirst through generous donations collected by its donors.

Since it came into being Ekplatebiryani has been working tirelessly to help the world get poverty-free by making sure that basic resources such as food, water, shelter, and clothing are accessible by everyone.

In the past few years, Ekplatebiryani has set several examples of going the extra mile such as it has provided 113 water-scarce villages with long-term clean water solutions. Moreover, it has provided 70,000 individuals with food resources.

Another example of Ekplatebiryani going the extra mile is working tirelessly to provide underprivileged people of Thar and Rohingya with water resources by installing hand pumps. Lastly, Ekplatebiryani has been carrying out food drives and food distribution projects in various food-scarce areas to provide people residing there with an adequate food supply.


In these testing times when the world at large is struggling to come out of post covid effects, as financially stable individuals it is our utmost duty to go the extra mile for helping others. Take a second and thoroughly look around yourself and make a mental note to yourself regarding all the blessings you spot.

Now, imagine helping others with those blessings instead of turning a blind eye to the struggles of those less fortunate than you. Ask yourself, what will bring you utmost happiness? Going the extra mile for helping others or accumulation of wealth?

If you are inclined towards helping others and going the extra mile for reaping great benefits you can become part of Ekplatebiryani with just a click of a button.

Realise your blessings and come forward to go the extra mile for helping others by donating wholeheartedly to Ekplatebiryani.


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