Why is Unity Important?


Since the very start, Ekplatebiryani has been striving constantly to support struggling families and individuals all over the world who are rendered helpless at the hands of conflicts, natural disasters, and other poverty causes. All these years we have gathered immense support and encouragement from people globally.

With the generous donations of our donors, we have managed to ease the lives of some of the most marginalized communities of the world such as the people of Rohingya. Luckily, we continue to work towards this cause of the welfare of mankind due to the support that keeps pouring in continuously.

This continual and unmistakable support combined with our efforts to provide struggling families and individuals with basic resources is what makes us wonder; Why is unity important?

What is the Meaning of Unity and Why is Unity Important to us?

Unity is a concept that works to bind people together. In other words, you can say that unity is a force that drives communities and individuals to work towards a common cause by setting aside all the differences. Unity is a necessary element in order to make a community stand strong and firm in the face of the world.

Moreover, unity depicts the quality of a nation or community to be one regardless of any differences within them. The amount of unity present signifies the strength of any nation. A simple answer to why unity is important to us is; The force of unity enables us to overcome any weakness with the combined power of people around us. Moreover, unity is an extremely crucial factor for the success of any nation.

Why Unity is important for Survival?

In order to get the answer to this question, simply imagine a nation that lacks unity. What comes to your mind is, chaos right? Now imagine a nation that lacks internal peace, how would it manage to protect itself from external evasions and enemies? This is why unity is required for survival and this is where the answer to why unity is important lies.

Unity is a fundamental factor that is essentially required for survival. Until and unless the nation isn\’t strong from within it can never possibly stand strong from outside, resulting in immense weakness.

How does Unity Help us to Grow and Improve as an NGO?

As an NGO we can never shy away from the fact that the unity among our goals and our donors is the primary aspect of our success. It would have never been possible to accomplish the goals we had set forth when establishing Ekplatebiryani a few years ago if we lacked the unity we have today.

In fact, this unity that binds us with our donors and makes us a huge family that works towards a common cause of helping the underprivileged is one key factor to which the credit of our success goes.

Ekplatebiryani will always feel indebted to all the donors around the world that supported us and made sure that we are able to go forward with all the welfare operations smoothly. Your donations are treasured and every single penny is spent for the welfare of people less fortunate than you.

We hope and believe that just like the past few years our unity and your support will keep getting stronger and united we can help bring a positive change in this world for millions of people.

What are the Benefits of Unity?

There are countless benefits of unity. In fact, the positive effect unity has on the strength of any nation or community is limitless. We have sufficiently discussed the role of unity in survival. Now we will be moving on to other benefits of unity.

1. Unity Helps Us Grow

It is a known fact that the growth of an individual is limited until and unless he allows himself to connect with other people. Likewise, without your support, the growth of Ekplatebiryani is never possible. Nations that work together and walk shoulder to shoulder have been known to accomplish massive success.

2. Unity Does Wonder

When it comes to all the positive changes brought by unity, saying that unity does wonders might seem like an understatement. This is because the effects of unity are unexpected and massive. Unity gifts a nation strength and courage that has never been seen before. This is why we can never stress the fact that your support and our unity have gotten us where we stand today.

Without it, Ekplatebiryani would have never imagined accomplishing even half the goals we have accomplished to date.

3. Unity Ends Discrimination

The majority of the underprivileged people at large suffer a great deal due to discrimination. In such a progressive world of today still, you can find discrimination happening against many communities. Discrimination is done on various grounds such as religion, politics, colour, creed, and caste.

Unluckily, the issue of discrimination seems to be increasing rather than decreasing; this is where unity comes into play. Unity is a concept that teaches people no matter whatever difference you feel everyone deserves to have a chance at life. Hence, unity does wonder in decreasing discrimination.

When a huge number of people are bound together with a belief that everyone is equal and everyone deserves respect there is no room left for discrimination of any sort.


Unity represents strength, therefore it is highly important. In case you are still wondering why unity is important, go through history and you will find countless stories when great empires fell down just due to the lack of unity likewise, weak communities rose to power just because of the power of unity.

Apart from that, as an NGO the unity factor has helped Ekplatebiryani greatly in carrying out welfare work. All the projects that we were able to carry out such as the installation of handpumps, food drives, food distribution, and much more are only possible because of your undying support and unity for our cause!


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